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ACNH Pascal, Swimming & Diving Coming in New Update

ACNH Pascal Swimming and Diving Coming in New Update

ACNH Pascal Swimming and Diving Coming in New Update

Animal Crossing New Horizons is becoming its first summer upgrade on July 3rd, and it is going to put in a bunch of stuff. There will be a brand new NPC called Pascal, alongside the ability to dive and swim in the sea. There’ll be sea creatures, beachwear, and also a fresh experience with an old buddy. To top it off, the developers have announced the next update for August. Read on for additional information.

Pascal is a brand new NPC that is likely to be inserted in the July 3rd update. He’s a red bear that loves to swim. You’ll have the choice of giving him sea creatures you find while diving, and he’ll reward you with new, maritime DIY recipes. The trailer has shown a mermaid-themed space, so expect a bunch of mermaid furniture in the very least.


We also saw another NPC, an old buddy in a new outfit, at the trailer. It is Pirate Gulliver! The trailer said in would be a new experience, so he’s probably going to change things up a bit.

The biggest aspect of the upgrade are the skills to swim and dive in the sea. Apart from permitting you to play in the shallows during the sweltering summer, these will also unlock the ability to look for sea creatures like scallops and starfish. You will be able to turn these over to Blathers at the museum, or even trade them for crafting recipes with Pascal.

The biggest question now is just how many sea monsters the update is going to add. Hopefully it’s more than only a few, and judging from the fact there’s a new section in the memorial dedicated solely to these, there just may be.

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