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ainbow Six Siege Y5S3 full details revealed

ainbow Six Siege Y5S3 full details revealed

ainbow Six Siege Y5S3 full details revealed

Yesterday Ubisoft printed All of the facts about the Upcoming Huge Rainbow Six Siege Update — We show you what to anticipate with Operation: Shadow Legacy.

The Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3 updates provides a great deal of new material, new attachments & gear, chalet map rework and far more.

: A new date wasn’t said, however, Season 3 will begin on September 11th. Then the upgrade should also be printed.

Under the preliminary Patch Notes 5.3, you’ll discover a gameplay trailer for your Legacy Update.

Two speeds, two armor


Gadget: Argus

  • Cameras Which Can Be drilled to some breakable or fortified surfaces
  • Gives intel in the other side
  • Every camera can fire one laser to ruin gadgets or deal with minor harm

Main weapons:

  • SC3000K

MP7 (with an alternative for magnified optic)

  • Secondary weapons:
  • 57USG having an integrated suppressor
  • Secondary gadgets:
  • Grenade
  • Claymore
  • Counterplay & alternative interactions
  • Makes a distinctive sound when drilling through a face
  • Could be taken
  • More visible than the usual Valkerie camera
  • More traversal Choices
  • More choices for rappel
  • Roof now accessible
  • New stairs in Trophy Space leading upstairs
  • Blue hall additionally contributes into wine cellar


  • Best flooring bombsite (not revealed on streams)
  • Dining & kitchen
  • Bar & Gambling Room
  • Snowmobile & Cellar
  • Gadgets can now be marked with pings
  • Gadget type contained on the mark
  • Pinging Operator-specific gadgets may also show the Operator for your own team
  • Could be utilized in-person or via a drone/camera
  • Can ping both friendly and enemy gadgets
  • Old yellow pings currently approx per participant
  • Numbering consistent throughout a game
  • Two brand new non-zoom optics: Red dot & Holographic
  • Note: ACOG transferred from 3.0x to 2.5x zoom
  • Sensitivity can be corrected per zoom level


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