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All Safe Codes and Locker Combinations Resident Evil 3 Remake

All Safe Codes and Locker – Combinations Resident Evil 3 Remake

All Safe Code and Locker Combinations Resident Evil 3 Remake

Can not find the ideal code or can not find the combination for a locker? Within this guide we wish to tell you all the available safe codes and mixtures! If you start all safes and lockers (safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks.) , you will unlock the following trophy / accomplishment:

  • RE: Master of Unlocking
    Unlock all of safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks

There are a total of 3 safe codes and two combination locks. To open them you will need the safe codes along with the appropriate combinations. To open safes, you have to turn the rotary button in the right direction and then press X / A to open the safe. If you press on the button before the final number it won’t open the safe.


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Safe #1 (Downtown):
Code: LEFT nine | RIGHT three | LEFT seven
Code before Patch 1.03: LEFT nine | RIGHT one | LEFT eight

Safe 2

Code: LEFT  Nine | RIGHT fifteen | LEFT seven

Safe 3

Safe #3 (Hospital 2F, Nurses’ Station):
Code: LEFT nine | RIGHT three

Locker Number 1 (Police Station 3F, Third Floor Hallway):
Combination: DCM

Locker #2

Locker Number 1 (Police Station 2F, Shower Room):
Combination: CAP

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