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Animal Crossing Bug Off Prizes: Every Reward

Animal Crossing Bug Off Prizes Every Reward

Animal Crossing Bug Off Prizes Every Reward

Animal Crossing Bug Off awards are available during Bug Away events in the summer.

Much like the Fishing Tourney, the Bug Away occasion has you collect as many bugs as possible for Flick. Your first entry is free, and then each one after that costs 500 Bells. You have three minutes to catch as many bugs as possible, and you will get points based on how many you receive.

It’s possible to sell off the ones that you do not wish to Flick at his customary increased purchasing price.

You earn one point for every critter captured, and you receive a bonus of 2 points for getting at least three. If you are playing in a group, you receive a seven-point bonus for grabbing at 14 buss.


Animal Crossing Bug Off Prizes: Each RewardEach prize costs 10 points, however you do not get to select what you get. You are going to have to keep rolling to get the prize you want.

  • Termite mound
  • Toy cockroach
  • Spider internet
  • Toy centipede
  • Butterflies Wall
  • Ladybug rug
  • Spider doorplate
  • Artisanal insect cage
  • Bug wand
  • Bug cage (green)
  • Butterfly backpack (pink)
  • Ladybug umbrella

The spider doorplate has a few colour variations.

In addition to the prizes, getting 100, 200 and 300 points entire will make you a bronze, silver or gold insect decoration respectively.

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