Animal Crossing Diary I Caught a Great White Shark

Animal Crossing Diary I Caught a Great White Shark

Animal Crossing Diary I Caught a Great White Shark

It was last night, actually.

At that moment, I was wandering around the beach in Animal Crossing: New Horizons before I finished my everyday assignments. Suddenly I saw an odd shape in the sea — it had been bigger than usual, with fins that were observable.

I ran as fast as I could, being careful not to scare it off. Happily, I caught my first Animal Crossing Great White Shark successfully! I understand the shark’s been around for a while, but it’s still uncommon for a player like me, who just catches fishes for assignments daily…

Donating it to the museum is becoming the largest thing for now.

Now’s outfit:

A Normal weather in the United Kingdom.

However, S-M-I-L-I-N-G!

I just played for half-an-hour-ish for your daily work: looking for your bell plant and bell pit, shaking trees, digging stones etc..

These are today’s furniture additions:

(The brand new bell tree is behind me.)

Got the Campfire Cookware two days in a row, I think I want to hold a camp party one day…

Since I mentioned the bell tree, I’ll share a small strategy that I heard from my friend, Weiwei.

I’ve a fixed area for the bell trees. In general, I transfer the bell tree to a particular area the day after it was implanted (see picture below).


There are two reasons: you’re saving moment, I don’t need to look around the entire island for the bell tree daily; another is not to change the island’s appearance since.

Now, Let us take a look at my Dreamland.

*Leisure Space*

A little waterfall was made with all the frog Lily’s home, so the leisure space is merely along the waterfall.

See, those are floor lights, which I bought yesterday. Afterward, buddies can have night chats about the nice summer evening~

*Theme Park* (or children’s playground)

My strategy is to make an exhibition area on the second point, but I do not have enough things up to now.

Oh, look at my poor face… I had been stung by the wasp once I shook the trees. It happens daily… (music ought to start now…)

The basketball court in front of the Plaza, in addition to some other fitness equipment, but I cannot take a complete screenshot.

There are still many different function areas from the Dreamland. I’ll share them another time.

Today’s Tiny Tips:

* Along with the individual area for the tree, I also made a couple of distinct areas for other trees. It can help to spend time in locating furniture/bells (100)/wasps et). From the trees every day. But you cannot leave a lot of trees at the island, since you will get the lower Island Rating.

* If you capture 5 wasps in a row (just 5 wasps that are hidden in the trees),

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