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Apex Legends Devs Explains Why They Avoid Fan-Made Content

Apex Legends Dev Explains Why They Avoid Fan-Made Content

Apex Legends Devs

An Apex Legends he clarified the reason the group averts fan-made content. And when you listen to it, things ought to make sense.

While responding to some Tweet, Apex Legends author Tom Casiello, shared his ideas on the topic of reacting to fan-made articles.

“I would like to read about the Legends you have made. Their backstories, their skills, their nationalities… however I do not. I can not,” explained Casiello. “There are just so many thoughts, and when I inadvertently stumble into a personality someone else believes they generated and that I stole from them then they could sue me”


Should they prevent reading the fanfiction, or Legend thoughts and skills, then they will not conduct the prospect of copyright problems. Just as we like to view fanmade articles, Respawn Entertainment should protect itself and its employees, which means avoiding the content in any way costs.

You and that I will enjoy a skill to change or a lore notion in the neighborhood, but completely expect it to remain like that. There will not be a crossover bit anytime soon.


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