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Apex Legends Loba Teleport Glitch Still Happening

Apex Legends Loba Teleport Glitch Still Happening

Apex Legends Loba Teleport Glitch Still Happening

Apex Legends personality, Loba, is still being influenced by a teleporting glitch regardless of Respawn Entertainment’s effort to correct the problem with an upgrade.

The large society burglar character has a strategic ability which allows a player to teleport to regions that would normally be difficult to achieve or escape out of a struggle. Since the accession of the Lost Treasures events Respawn Entertainment declared the coding to get Loba’s capability was inadvertently affected.


On July 7, Respawn Entertainment launched a brand new upgrade to fight the typical Loba teleport glitch which has plagued the match.

Despite their desperate attempts to mend Loba’s teleporting glitch, it appears that it hasn’t been fully taken out of the game. Players have said that rather than the glitch happening on World’s Edge, the glitch is now being experienced and seen on Kings Canyon

Respawn Entertainment simply fixed the large society burglar’s ability on a single map, therefore a fresh cure for Kings Canyon may take a while. It’s more probable that they’ll temporarily stop players being able to play Loba before the glitch is fixed yet more info is to come about this fresh upgrade.

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