Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 1.41

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 1.41

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 1.41

Now, Apex Legends programmers released a new hotfix upgrade. We’ve got the entire patch notes for this particular Apex upgrade on June 30, 2020.

You have to download and set up a total of about 180 MB, depending upon the stage. This small upgrade simply fixes bugs.


  • Removed Mobile Respawn Beacon from this bunker place in Kings Canyon.
  • Fixed a problem with Legends being able to shoot after being downed.
  • Fixed a problem where shooting harm was interrupting .


  • Fixed a problem”The Marble Goddess” skin maybe not having the appropriate hitbox.
  • Fixed a problem with wraith having the ability to have a speed increase with her strategic, then her ult, subsequently devoting her ult.


  • Fixed a problem where if passing protection wears off throughout a revive, it cancels the revive.


  • Octane will no more have the ability to use stim whilst recovery.
  • Fixed an problem with passive regen being postponed following the usage of stim.
  • Fixed issues with being hauled from ADS, weapon shooting quitting when stim ends/landing out of a leap pad.
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