Patch notes

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 1.44

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 1.44

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 1.44

Below are the complete Patch Nots for this particular August 22nd upgrade.

About the PS4 you need to download 401 MB. This hotfix patch is already published for the PC version.

  • Rampart Amped Wall customer mistake in softened gore locales
  • Repair a server error inducing instant disconnects when Rampart sets a wall down
  • Repair an error caused by a few cases in which a participant is on Rampart’s turret if it’s ruined
  • Issue around special Bloodhound skin having a elongated neck whilst utilizing Rampart turret. We’re working on this particular issue for Lifeline’s Guardian Angel epidermis
  • Rampart’s”Boom” finisher line by enjoying throughout the map
  • Kill stat monitoring for R-99 not showing correctly

Additionally, We’re publishing a playlist update later today to perform the following:

  • Reduce Devotion harm [17 -> 16], also raises recoil — those are rapid changes we could make today, more alterations to Devotion that require more time to perform would come afterwards.
  • Reduce amount of Devotions and Turbochargers spawned
  • Reduced Variety of golden helms, gold backpacks and gold incap protects
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