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Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 1.45

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 1.45

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 1.45

A brand new upgrade for Apex Legends premiered now. We’ve got the complete details of adjustments and bug fixes on September 3rd.

Apex Legends Evo Armor Update 1.45 is currently available for many platforms. About the PS4 you need to download and install a total of 3.7 GB, how big this download might fluctuate based upon the platform.Apex Legends Patch Notes 1.45



  • Made alterations to the overall look of many holosprays.
  • Removed an improper Caustic voice lineup.



  • Fixed a problem with sound not playing shooting the Devotion and Volt.
  • Fixed a problem where Crypto’s drone in Caustic petrol could play to the total host
  • Fixed constituting crafting replicators in the boat playing a”Let us go here” VO ping.


  • Fixed an problem with Evo Shields that need just 100 harm not growing when crafting the 100 points.
  • Fixed a problem with Ninja control settings being unable to utilize Replicators.
  • Fixed a problem with not having the ability to rekindle a teammate when they’re downed while utilizing a replicator.


  • Fixed a problem with Dome Shield on a Sheila permitting a participant to take the Dome Shield.


  • Fixed a problem with the”No Mercy” finisher spamming”Boom” into the whole server.
  • Fixed a problem with amped cover partitions requiring more strikes from heirlooms than from ordinary melee to be ruined.
  • Fixed a server crash when Sheila is ruined while somebody is using it again.


  • Fixed a problem with Hack not discovering gamers on Sheila.


  • Fixed a problem with the gateway evaporating upon Wraith’s departure.
  • Fixed a mistake when Wraith’s portal site is too near a replicator and the participant disagrees with the replicator.


  • Fixed a problem that caused Loba’s teleport to neglect in some specific locations.
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