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Apex Legends PS4 Patch Notes Version 1.47

Apex Legends PS4 Patch Notes Version 1.47

Apex Legends PS4 Patch Notes Version 1.47

Today’s upgrade adds crossplay and also the restricted time manner Flashpoint, the aftermarket event starts, and a few bugs have been fixed.

Since the launching of Apex Legends, cross-play has been among the most requested features from our gamers that need the capability to perform with their buddies on other programs. Throughout the cross-play beta, gamers will have complete access to cross-play performance while we gather information, test the attribute at scale, and above all, listen for you, the fans, for opinions.

Aftermarket provides an all new restricted time manner, Flashpoint. According to Kings Canyon, all recovery things are eliminated in favor of enormous zones round the map which regen both the health and protects.

Read More about Crossplay Beta and Flashpoint about the Aftermarket site here.

Having a new occasion, also signifies a fresh challenge monitor!

Caustic’s Death Hammer is the most recent heirloom to be inserted into the heirloom pool. This nox packed hammer will crush anybody who comes in touch with it.



  • Upgraded Bloodhound’s strategic cooldown while supreme is busy from 6 minutes to 8 minutes.Dev Notice: The 6.0 modifications are tremendously successful for Bloodhound. Their greatest is now actually a moment you must dread since the enemy. Against a capable BH, there might be 2s through that you are not scanned. Shifting it into 8s means you have got 4s of being shown and 4s to reposition between pulses.


    • Grapple cooldown is currently depending on the space Pathfinder traveled. The shortest possible pull includes a 10s cooldown; the maximum cooldown remains 35s, but you are likely to need to swing a lengthy distance to get there. Rather than falling grapple cooldown back to 15s at which it had been before, or transferring it into 25s as a compromise, we believed a participant proposal (thanks Reddit) to possess the Grapple drain power as it moves, very similar to Titanfall 2. The distinction here is we are taking a look at your entire distance traveled: in the minute that you leave the floor to when you are on the floor again rather than slipping at mad high rates. If you are not moving anywhere, you are not devoting much cooldown.
    • In case you are really so good at Pathfinder and trying to find the absolute best distance grapple, you will still have a 35s cooldown, presuming that you land it. This both fans Path a bit less for your scariest robot gamers out there and in addition, it opens up space for additional power expression: will you locate helpful short space grapples that will provide you a briefer CD but nevertheless do something great for you? Looking forward to seeing what you do for this one.


      • Upgraded Wraith’s dash animation.

        Dev notice:
        Wraith is a really challenging Legend to nerf. We seem at Legend performance over a range of axes: how frequently trios on this Legend on these win matches / location tremendously, how frequently that this Legend gets knock downs vs is pumped down, how frequently this Legend is chosen. Around each and each one of those axes, Wraith dominates.

        And each time we struck her skills (which we have achieved a lot) she moans back in a few weeks without even bleeding a great deal of pick speed. Her apparel is distinctively helpful both in solo matches and in exceptionally coordinated matches. Additionally she is just very cool. We receive it.

        We do not need to strike her skills . We believe she and Pathfinder are pushed into the edge concerning cooldown and usefulness nerfs where compelling them further would make them a whole lot less fun to perform with. We do not need that!

        We began looking at other Legend particular things that could offer her this ability –and found her sprinting cartoons are exceptional in how far they artificially reevaluate her (by hunching over), thereby shrinking her shootable place from the point of view of the enemy. It does not sound like a great deal, but taken collectively with her small hitbox, it is a good deal of power.

        This patch, we are introducing a brand new pair of sprint cartoons for Wraith. These are a lot more vertical and expose a bigger area of your own body to gunfire. We understand her previous sprint was legendary and we hate to see it go too, but we think that is the easiest way by way of bringing her online without needing to hit her skills again. Based upon what we see following these cartoons move live, we might even have the ability to put some power into her skills (no guarantees though).

        As always, we’ll be listening to opinions and monitoring information with this shift.


      • Crypto’s Drone can currently open loot vaults when Crypto has a secret in his stock. It absorbs the key as normal.


      • Increased variety of supreme & passive from 3100 components to 4500 units.

Loba now begins the game with her final half billed.


  • Growing hipfire spread in a foundation level and also raising the disperse added while shooting.


  • We attempt to stay hipfire numbers consistent with comparable weapons of the exact same class. To compensate, we’re reducing flat push the Spitfire.

Triple Take

  • Diminished fire speed from 1.4 to 1.3.


  • Loot Prompts today illustrate how much harm an evo protector has accumulated, which means that you may make a better choice when changing.
  • You’re able to change to same-level armor which has less wellness, if it’s nearer to evolving.
  • Loot Prompts will finally have a little indicator which lets you know whether your teammate requires this product, which means that you may ping it!
  • Performance Screen is a new alternative that triggers a panel which appears in the upper right corner of the screen in a match.
    The information shown is as follows:

    • FPS — Frames Per Second, or how fast your match is making frames
    • Latency — The time (in milliseconds) it requires your own game client to communicate with the server and rear
    • reduction — Indicates the percent of packet data dropped every minute on its way to or in the host
    • Choke — Indicates the percent of packet info congestion on its way by the host
    • In/Out — The Number of information being routed from/to the host

    If you are detecting persistent issues while enjoying, this screen might assist you (and us!) Identify what is happening.

  • Unknown Mode was added to the choices. Anonymize your title in the winner presentation, obituary, along with other areas of living competitions.
  • Degree 0 Evo Armor will appear as empty at the stock, which means that you are able to ping to ask for Armor
  • You will find far more banner placed around World’s Edge to better encourage Cryptos capability to see neighboring squads in their own drone. The timer is currently a predetermined timeframe: 30 minutes. If you input new from bounds areas, the timer will gradually decrease. But in the event that you only have 5 minutes left, then the timer will maintain tidy up to this 5 minute mark.
  • Legend Tokens have been reduced into a tool tip from the lobby. Hover on your money to see your total amount.General
    • Added the capability to ping satellite dish Crypto’s Map Room in the dropship.


    • Fixed a problem with the bubble protector looking white in some specific problems.


    • Fixed a problem with the”Guardian Angel” Skin using a elongated neck when utilizing Sheila.
    • Fixed a problem where maintenance packages wouldn’t be permitted to be set on particular components of Capacitor, Rig, or Salvage in Kings Canyon.


    • Fixed Caustic barrels out of being put at a angle on transport crates.


  • Fixed a problem which didn’t let Crypto’s drone to emphasize decoys.


  • Fixed a visual difficulty that eliminated Revenant’s shadow type out of a participant after leaping off an Octane Jump Pad.
  • Fixed a problem with the Bound Pad clipping to the floor in certain regions


  • Fixed a problem with his drone not discovering Wattson’s Safety Fences.
  • Fixed a sound issue with poll beacon occasionally making hardly any sound when using it as Crypto’s drone.
  • Fixed a problem with his drone not taking damage from straight below.


  • Fixed a problem with all the HUD of this Replicator remaining on screen once the totem effect wears off.


      • Fixed a problem allowing teleporting into exercises about Lava Fissure.
      • Fixed a problem preventing teleporting on particular terrain in Espresso.


      • Fixed a problem with doors shutting when dismounting a put Sheila at a door.
      • Fixed Amped Cover from drifting in the atmosphere when put on a supply boat.
      • Fixed a problem with having the ability to put Sheila on loot bins.
      • Fixed a problem with Longbow DMR, DMR Require, Mastiff and Sentinel not necessarily getting the Amped Cover enthusiast.
      • Fixed a problem with Amped Cover having the ability to be put at bad angles round the map.
      • Fixed a problem with all the Amped Cover not being ruined by the first burst of Charge Rifle.
      • Fixed a problem with bullets becoming amped until they cross the amped wall from specific angles.


    • Fixed a problem with overheating happening when firing one shot in the weapon several times.
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