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Apex Legends Update 1.40 Patch Notes

Apex Legends Update 1.40 Patch Notes

Apex Legends Update 1.40 Patch Notes

Respawn Entertainment will Start the Lost Trap Occasion for Apex Legends tomorrowJune 23. There’ll also be a patch for this particular occasion, we’ll reveal to you the complete patch notes for June 23.

Apex Legends Update 1.40 is going to be published on June 23. We don’t know how big this download. We’ll update this article whenever the Apex Patch 1.40 will be still live.

The Armed & Dangerous Limited time manner have evolved. Inside this LTM, just Shotguns and Snipers are permitted. The other armor was taken away from the loot pool. But that is not all. Respawn beacons are also eliminated and all players will begin with the Mobile Respawn Beacon within their stock.

Apex Legends PC

Mobile Respawn Beacon

Want to Respawn on the move? Utilize the newest Mobile Respawn Beacons! From the Armed and Dangerous LTM, players can begin the game with you in their stock. Then from the stock display, deploy it everywhere on the map and then rescue your teammates. But recall, calling at a Respawn Beacon takes some time, providing your enemies moment to locate you, take you out, and utilize this Beacon you just set. So discover that safe place until you phone it in.

Crypto is shooting over and supplying a few recon into Kings Canyon. Situated in the south-west of this map (beneath Repulsor), is located Crypto’s Map Room. Utilize his technician to acquire the place of Legends around the map and examine the displays scattered around the area to observe how many enemy squads are local.

Mirage’s Heirloom

Is not a handsome man! Yes, it is correct, your guy Mirage is becoming his Heirloom! The stunning statue is just one of a type (kind of) and will make certain you look great from the stadium.


  • Deploy D.O.C to reestablish teammates. D.O.C. will set up a protect and also revive Lifeline’s teammate, which makes Lifeline liberated to shield or revive somebody else.


  • Ultimate
    • Lifeline’s Care Package now comprises more things
      • Care Package will comprise 3x more small recovery items, as it determines to spawn small recovery items
      • Care Package will comprise 2x additional attachments, even as it determines to spawn attachments



  • Tactical
    • Upon regeneration, Stim will eliminate movement impairing effects.
    • Stim Running speed is raised by 10 percent
  • Ultimate
    • Players can now double leap in mid-air following having Octane’s Launch Pad
    • players may change direction easily in the double hop.RevenantCryptoLoba
  • Ultimate
    • Black Market Boutique (supreme ) will now just pick up 1 pile of ammo (instead of 1 pile + the amount that was needed to fill whatever semi stack you had in your inventory).
    • Ultimate Accelerants currently give 20 percent ult fee (up from 17.5percent ).Mirage
      • Tactical
        • now you can hold the strategic button, and launch to auto-control decoys
        • Decoys will say lines when taken
      • Passive
        • When masked, Mirage’s holo emitters will be visible to players who are less than 5 meters off


  • will now produce decoys for the whole squad when skydiving while stirring together with your own squad.Gibraltar
    • Quick Heal awarded within the Dome Shield, slowed down: 25% quicker -> 15% quicker



The purpose of these modifications is to produce openings where opponents may breach Wattson positions. It’s still potential for Wattson gamers to maintain a position with a decoration indefinitely, but that ought to come in the price of utilizing Ultimate Accelerants.

  • Wattson’s Pylons currently continue for 90 minutes
  • Wattson can now have around 3 pylons out in a period
  • Wattson may pile 2 Ultimate accelerants per stock slot


Growing Wraith’s strategic cooldown has turned out to be ineffective at controlling her exceptionally high success rate and also kill pace. These changes are supposed to disincentivize Wraith players by utilizing Stage Walk as a”get out of jail free” cardand transfer it to more of a repositioning and scouting skill.

        • Stage Walk
          • Stage Walk today takes 1.25 seconds to empower (was 0.4 minutes ). In this time period, Wraith is going to get a 20% movement slow
            • this doesn’t impact Phase Walk while setting a Stage Portal
          • While at Stage Walk, Wraith currently has a 30% movement speed increase
          • While at Stage Walk, Wraith can see other players whilst at the Void.
          • Stage Walk today lasts 4 minutes (from 3 minutes )
          • Stage walk cooldown is now down to 25 (in 35 kilometers )
        • Phase Tunnel

Reduced distance for portal positioning by 25%.


  • A cooldown will be implemented to re-grabbing Ziplines without touching the floor
  • The cooldown Increases with every time a participant disconnects and re-grabs that the zipline
  • The cooldown will reset when the player reaches the earth
  • Greatly increased flat recoil at the first shots of a burst
  • Reduced magazine size from 32 to 28.


  • Teammates are now able to ping a friendly Caustic Trap.

New wellness pub for if consumers are in Revenant’s Shadow form.


  • Fixed a problem with a few railing not being climbable.
  • Fixed an problem with being not able to mute squad prior to the Legend pick.
  • Fixed a problem with players having the ability to maneuver at walk pace when downed.
  • Fixed a problem with Prowlers not murdering Mirage Decoys in 1 swipe.
  • Fixed issues with Ninja control design and deathboxes.
  • Fixed a problem with the”You have a treasure bunch” message appearing after every game.


  • Fixed a problem with Crypto’s Drone flying without any enter if the user began to dash by usage of dual tap to dash option.


  • Fixed a problem with Lifeline able to fall her maintenance bundle onto a Quest Artifact place, preventing users from picking up the artifact.
  • Fixed a problem with Lifeline’s Drone becoming stuck in the atmosphere after crash with an Octane Jump pad.


  • Fixed a problem with Loba’s Burglar’s Best Friend (Tactical) being obstructed by invisible collision in the entry of Firing Range.
  • Fixed a problem with Loba’s Black Market Boutique (Ultimate) not revealing the right selection.
  • Loba’s Black Market Boutique (Ultimate) now reveals proper ammo count for maintenance package weapons.
  • Fixed a problem with Loba’s strategic not working on particular surfaces. You should now have the ability to recreate the preview second!
  • Loba’s Ult is currently reimbursed if it has caught between two doorways.


  • Fixed a problem with Mirage’s decoy being unable to ping correctly under specific conditions.
  • Fixed a problem with Mirage Decoy’s not having the ability to crouch walk through specific locations.
  • Fixed a problem with Mirage Decoys enjoying with the autumn animation once the participant is falling.
  • Fixed a problem where Mirage can still restrain his decoy following being quieted by Revenant.


  • Fixed a problem with Octane rebound pads”deleting” additional Legends skills.
  • Fixed a problem with Octane’s Jump Pads evaporating if other legend’s strategic interacts with it.
  • Fixed a problem with Octane’s Jump pads falling through the ground on hover tanks


  • Fixed a problem with Pathfinder’s Grapple not letting running in case a failed deployed happened.
  • Fixed a sound dilemma using Survey Beacons being overly loud when utilized.


  • Fixed a problem with Revenant’s departure totem not being left from over 200 meters.
  • Fixed a problem with Revenant’s sound because of his strategic cutting half way through its own playback.


            • Fixed a problem with not having the ability to cure after getting knocked and moving via a Wraith portalsite.
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