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Apex Legends Wraith Player Evades Detection with ‘Into the Void’


Apex Legends Wraith Player Evades Detection with Into the Void

Hiding from Bloodhound is not an simple job. As their name implies, the Legend’s whole kit is dedicated to sniffing enemies out and hunting them down. But one ingenious Wraith participant has discovered a way to bypass the master tracker.

A Bloodhound heartbeat moves through the construction, showing them into the Bloodhound and their own teammates. Since RancidLoaf27 finds the enemies coming, they trigger Wraith’s Into the Void ability, turning undetectable temporarily.


A Gibraltar about the Bloodhound’s team storms and instantly appears where RancidLoaf27 was standing at the heartbeat. Seeing nothing , he runs straight out. RancidLoaf27 reappears following the capability, but the opponents have assumed they are long gone.

The Bloodhound runs throughout the construction, but they do not even bother to inspect RancidLoaf27’s place. They have successfully evaded a enemy group intention on their murder using a modest Void-based imagination.

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