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Ark Survival Evolved Patch Notes Update 2.34

Ark Survival Evolved Patch Notes Update 2.34

Ark Survival Evolved Patch Notes Update 2.34

Ark Survival Evolved programmers released a new update now. We’ve got exactly the identical patch notes for this particular July 31 upgrade.

The Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.34 is currently available for downloading, the total amount of the download isn’t known to us in the present time.



  • Reduced armour penetration by roughly 35 percent
  • Decreased durability damage by 50 percent


  • Additional 30 percent armour penetration into the Left Click assault
  • Additional a Bleed effect into the click assault that does up to 5 percent of goals health over 10 seconds, cannot be piled but the timer may be reset.


  • Increased immunity to TEK Turrets by 10 percent


  • Decreased pounds of Obsidian in stock by approximately 75 percent
  • Reduced weight of metal, rock, crystalclear, and black pearls by roughly 50 percent
  • Increased swim rate by roughly 20 percent


  • Increased enthusiast timer in 30 minutes to 6 hours


  • Reduced Shell Resistance by 30 percent (from 80% to 50 percent )
  • Decreased Health Per Level profits by roughly 15 percent


  • Reduced Health Per Level profits by roughly 15 percent


  • Cannot inhale or exhale when being transported by skiff
  • Will no more push Dinos about in PVE when shooting to stop griefing and pops



  • Added yet another 15 minutes to all race assignments on Xbox and PS4
  • Additional Event Emotes into the Hex Store in the price of 50,000 hexagons
  • Decreased Hexagons rewarded on Mound Over Matter and One Helluva Treasure Hunt by 25% on most issues

Increased the price of Gunpowder from the Hex Exchange into 150 hexagons.

  • Valguero
  • Boss Fight timer has risen from 20 minutes to half an hour.


  • Flying monsters will prioritize selecting up friendly-creatures instead of dismounting friendly riders
  • Baby Creatures will no more auto-wander when hatched
  • Mounting a flying monster will no more instantly make it eliminate
  • Cryopods at a player’s stock will now charge whether a participant is sleeping at a TEK Pod.
  • Tamed Creatures cannot have antidote
  • Additional multiple item-clamping tests to several regions of loot crafting and generation.
  • Heavy Turret harm improved by 15 percent
  • TEK Turrets currently need double the number of shards per bullet
  • Steel Ingot heap size was increased to 300
  • Raw Metal heap size was increased to 300
  • Spoil period on Lesser Antidote has been improved to 3 times
  • Spoil period on Prime Meat and Prime Fish have doubled
  • HLNA and Chibi Creatures no longer disable the defense against Bees enthusiast.
  • A configurable GameUserSettings.ini that allows hosts to restrict the number of gateways which could be set on stage saddles. This configuration isn’t retroactive, so implementing this shift will need some manual management work to clean up any preexisting platforms which exceed the limitation. MaxGateFrameOnSaddles=2 We will be enabling this on our Official PvP Network and placing the limit to two, on all platforms. Official PvP gamers will have approximately 30 days to correct their present existing platforms to eliminate any that transcend the gateway limitation.
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