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Ark Survival Evolved Patch Notes Update 2.37

Ark Survival Evolved Patch Notes Update 2.37

Ark Survival Evolved Patch Notes Update 2.37

Ark Survival Evolved programmers released a new update now. We’ve got the entire patch notes for this Ocotber two upgrade.

About the PS4 you need to download 5.4 GB, how big this download may fluctuate based upon the stage.

  • Fixed multiple level-design related bugs like bubbles, floating foliage, erroneous volumes, etc..
  • Fixed Fence Supports requiring foundational support when seeking to snap to every other
  • Additional some security into the Tribe UI to stop players from inadvertently leaving their particular tribe or kicking themselves
  • Prevented that the trough visual from showing spectator mode
  • Fixed a bug which would permit you to construct a floating foundation
  • Prevented players from being able to accelerate tames over the server-specific degree clamp
  • Fixed multiple net harnesses
  • Fixed an entry with the Astrocetus
  • Fixed a turret soaking exploit
  • Dino Leash will no more stop monsters from being transported using a TEK Teleporter
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the oil pump arrangement from being in a position to be set on oil wells.



  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from launch the expansion package channels on Steam
  • Locally run’getall’ controls are now locked behind a host admin test
  • Alliance chat today functions with Gamepad


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