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Baldurs Gate 3 Patch Notes Hotfix 1

Baldurs Gate 3 Patch Notes Hotfix 1

Baldurs Gate 3 Patch Notes Hotfix 1

Yesterday Larian Studios introduced the RPG Baldur’s Gate 3, and also the very first hotfix patch is arriving now. We are going to show you exactly what the very first bug fixes bring.

The upgrade fixes a couple of bugs, there’s not anything more to say.

Baldur’s Gate III is at the Early Access stage, the launch was on October 6th.

  • Fixed a crash associated with utilizing rush-type activities
  • Fixed a crash associated with the objective camera
  • Fixed a crash in character production
  • Fixed an accident through dialogs
  • Fixed overlapping items within the stock perspectives
  • Fixed”Pickup” and”Pickup And Add To Wares” inside containers
  • Fixed a participant mission issue when somebody would depart from a whole multiplayer party. The remaining part can now be assigned properly.
  • Fixed a problem with summons showing up as routine companions
  • Fixed a problem where players may not prepared upward when other players combined the lobby
  • Fixed having the ability to maneuver immovable objects
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