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Baldur’s Gate 3 Update Patch Notes

Baldurs Gate 3 Update Patch Notes 

Baldurs Gate 3 Update Patch Notes

Here we show you all of the bug fixes and enhancements.

We don’t know how big this download right now.

  • Additional polish and bug fixes to many in-game cinematics, including Shadow Heart recruiting, Astarion recruiting and Volo’s Poem. (These are continuing throughout EA).
  • Added little text alterations to different bits and bobs.
  • Altered certain dialogue options for various NPCs.
  • Additional extra battle tutorial messages to explain the fundamentals (let’s know how you get on).
  • Astarion no more believes Lae’zel scrutinized you in camp when she’s not in your celebration. Quite rightly.
  • Fixed a crash associated with getting the amount up screen open while in a conversation.
  • Fixed a crash associated with falling items from stock.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur at the beginning of battle.
  • Fixed a potential blocking problem while using the transponder in the conclusion of the tutorial .
  • Fixed black screen difficulty when finishing tutorial when the transponder was utilized by any character which isn’t the principal player avatar.
  • Fixed a potential blocking problem when reassigning personalities to others while in battle.
  • Fixed a problem with lip sync not functioning properly.
  • Fixed combat UI not upgrading correctly when a person combined during battle.
  • Frozen party shared golden and silver things not consistently working in conversation checks.
  • Fixed summons out of NPC’s becoming stuck in battle.
  • Fixed levelled characters up with replicated racial and class attributes.
  • Frozen party members getting stuck attempting to open doors that they run past.
  • Fixed listening into dialogs becoming stuck in multiplayer, additionally inducing gamers not having the ability to save.
  • Fixed Circle button broken after shutting the Circle window using escape key.
  • Fixed”finish the afternoon” multiplayer message being busted if a participant shut it with an escape key.
  • Fixed specific quests not needing map mark.
  • Fixed certain key entrances wrongly showing on the map.
  • Fixed incorrect participant portraits in the reception display as more people united.
  • Fixed superiority perish not revealing real values when utilizing skills like Menacing attack.
  • Fixed minor problems with baldness, skinning and textures on many versions.
  • Fixed lighting problem from owlbear cave.
  • Tweaked ragdolls to decrease the chance of versions bursting (or glitching. Idk how to describe it, but it is spooky).
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