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Battlefield 5 Patch Notes 7.1 Update 1.36

Battlefield 5 Patch Notes 7.1 Update 1.36

Battlefield 5 Patch Notes 7.1 Update 1.36

Below you’ll see the whole details regarding Update 7.1 on June 25.

Battlefield V Update 1.36 the upgrade is now downloaded.

M, no longer.



  • K31/43 is not able to shoot an Excess bullet when shifting firing modes
  • K31/43 no more has precision Problems
  • Welrod now correctly has 6+1 magazine sizes and functions as an open bolt
  • Fixed some cases where K31/43 sniper scopes had the German article crosshair rather than the proper Swiss crosshair.

    Fixed a problem that would induce the soldiers versions not to reveal from the frontend

  • Fixed the makeup that went missing together with the previous update
  • Fixed the Welrod Master Dogtag that had the wrong icon
  • Provence — The water onto the map is no more bulletproof
  • Twisted Steel — Frontlines — Removed the vehicles to the US team inside the group reinforcement menu



  • General stability enhancements
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