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Bizarre Fortnite bug causes an infinite


Bizarre Fortnite bug causes an infinite

You’ve always been and will always be — bugs from Fortnite. There will be bugs in each match, but they might be frustrating in aggressive ones. Some bugs are fun and great for a laugh, while others cause you to want to Summit your monitor.

This bug falls in between these categories — equally annoying and intriguing. One Fortnite participant experienced a new and rare bug that caused the storm to stay away from the island. He reportedly played for one hourclearing the reception out and searching for the last individual, before calling it quits and letting a bush-camper win.

The storm circles are odd since the past Fortnite upgrade — mirroring those of Warzone before shrinking to a bigger, more comfortable circle.



Theories have this is the job of Midas, who’s trying to stop or mess with the storm before their Doomsday Event.


In this match,  spent his time collecting each of the mythic weapons he could carry. He also traveled a reported 28km searching for his final target before removing himself and visiting a bush camper in the corner of this map.

This is actually the first time that we’ve seen such a glitch, so it needs to be infrequent. Again, it’s very likely that the bug was triggered by the upgraded storm.


Let us know if this problem becomes more widespread. In a game like this, it will become a war of attrition. How bad do you need the triumph? More than the kid from the bush? Probably not

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