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Black Desert Online Patch Notes Update 1.46


Black Desert Online Patch Notes Update 1.46

Pearl Abyss introduced a fresh Update for Black Desert Online today. Below is the entire patch notes for this patch on July 8th.

Black Desert Update 1.46 is currently readily available for PS4 and Xbox One. Todays Update attracts Cron dishes and Draughts, plus a few gameplay changes and fixes.


The latest upgrade to Black Desert is here, bringing with it Hashashin pre-creation, Cron Meals, Draughts and much more!

Edit Log:
07/08 —
Modified Elixir of Perforation into Elixir of Penetration from the draught recipe
Additional details concerning the Work Progress alternative in Performance Settings.

The sands of Valencia conceal many risks, yet there’s none more harmful the Hashashin. The curved blade of Aal is making his way to the Black Desert, and you’ll have the ability to produce your Hashashin in planning of his launch at the next upgrade. Pre-creating your personality will Provide you rewards You Could use to kick start your experiences, and also you can Discover More in case detect

Cron Meals and Draughts are now crafted in sport. These consumable items provide incredibly powerful fans to your personality and can be produced through easy cooking or easy alchemy.

Cron meals demand the newest ingredient, Historical Cron Spice, which can be bought by Cooking Merchants or Inn Keepers throughout the Dark Desert world. By mixing this spice with specific foods, you can create Many Different different foods

Item Title Item Impact Materials Needed
Straightforward Cron Meal Extra AP against Monsters +30
Combat EXP +20%
Ability EXP +10%
Attack/Casting Speed +2
Movement Speed +3
Vital Strike +2
Max HP +150
Chance to Gain Knowledge +10percent
Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +5percent
Weight Limit +5percent
Down Attack Damage +5percent
Damage from Monsters -6percent
Heatstroke/Hypothermia Resistance +10percent
Knight Combat Rations x1
Mediah Meal x3
Valencia Meal x3
Historical Cron Spice x1OR

Dreighan Meal x1
Serendia Meal x3
Mediah Meal x3
Historical Cron Spice x1

Exquisite Cron Meal All AP +8
All Of Accuracy +15
Attack Speed +2
Casting Speed +2
Movement Speed +2
Vital Strike +2
All Evasion +15
Max HP +150
Max Stamina +200
Rear Attack Damage +5percent
Vital Strike Damage +5percent
All Resistance +4percent
Ignores All Resistance +4percent
Serendia Meal x3
Arehaza Meal x1
Kamasylvia Meal x3
Historical Cron Spice x1
Seafood Cron Meal Cooking/Alchemy Time -0.6 sec
Life EXP +10%
Processing Success Speed +10%
Collecting +2
Movement Speed +2
Fishing +2
Weight Limit +100 LT
Life Skill Mastery +25
Balenos Meal x3
Calpheon Meal x3
Margoria Seafood Meal x1
Historical Cron Spice x1

All Cron Meals Effects will last 120 minutes and also have a cooldown of 30 minutes.
It’s possible to utilize Special foods in replacement of regular meals. By way of instance, rather than utilizing Balenos Meal x3, you may use exceptional Balenos Meal x1.
● The entire life skill command impact of Seafood Cron Meal is now not in effect and will come into effect when Life Skill Mastery is included.

Draughts need Using this’Tears of this Falling Moon’ thing which Can Be Bought by Old Moon Manager NPC’s. By combining this thing with specific Elixirs, you are able to create These draughts:

Item Title Item Impact Materials Needed
Verdure Draught Cooking/Alchemy Time -1 sec
Life EXP +20%
Processing Success Speed +20percent
Collecting +3
Movement Speed +3
Fishing +3
Weight Limit +200 LT
Employee’s Elixir x3
Elixir of Time x3
Elixir of Swiftness x3
Tears of this Falling Moon x1
Beast’s Draught Extra AP Against Monsters +15
Combat EXP +20%
Ability EXP +10%
Recover HP +1 on attack
Damage from Monsters -10percent
Vital Strike +3
Weight Limit +100
Grim Reaper’s Elixir x3
Exp Elixir x3
Elixir of Will x3
Tears of this Falling Moon x1
Giant’s Draught All AP +10
Max HP +150
All Specific Attacks +10% Damage
Movement Speed +3
Critical Strike +3
Max Stamina +200
Elixir of Fury x3
Elixir of Shock x3
Elixir of Penetration x3
Tears of this Falling Moon x1
Savage Draught Extra AP against Monsters +15
Chance to Gain Knowledge +12
Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +7
HP retrieval per Hit +1
Damage from Monsters -10percent
Critical Strike +3
Weight Limit +100
Weenie Elixir x3
Looney Elixir x3
Helix Elixir x3
Tears of this Falling Moon x1

● Each of draught effects last 15 minutes and have a cool down of 10 moments
● Particular Blue potions could be substituted to the crafting recipes of those draughts.

Cron Meals and Draughts may be utilised together with one another. Cron Meals won’t stack with any other meal, whereas Draughts will only pile with specific other consumable elixirs.

Cron Meals will pile with Elixirs, and Draughts will pile with different foods.

Draughts May Be Used along with these things:

As Cron Meals and Draughts do not pile, These interactions occur with other consumable objects:

● When there’s a preexisting food/elixir enthusiast, the present enthusiast will magnify the existing food enthusiast (in case a Cron Meal is absorbed ) or the present Elixir Buff (when a Draught is consumed).
● If you’re under the consequence of a Cron Meal and eat another food thing, you won’t gain any of those fans it supplies, but you may gain Health EXP.
● While a draught is in effect, you can’t have another elixir unless it’s among those specified consumables listed previously.
● Cron Meals and Draughts may be utilized concurrently. If you continue to be under the impact of a Cron Meal/Draught and eat another, the prior effect is going to be substituted with the new enthusiast.
— For example, swallowing an Exquisite Cron Meal while under the impact of a Seafood Cron Meal will eliminate the Seafood Cron Meal enthusiast and replace it with the Seafood Cron Meal enthusiast.

The first’Novel of Margahn’ was discovered, which unlocks the term of Agristhe god of abundance `. To begin work on this experience log, you’ll have to get and complete the quest,’Adventure Log: Agris, the Historical Secret’ in the Dark Spirit, then speak with Edan to acquire the’Publication of Margahan’. To be able to accept this exploration, you’ll want to be on a personality that’s level 60 or over.

After finishing the’Publication of Margahan’ Volume 1, Agris Fever will be unlocked, and may be used with any character in your account.

Even though Agris Fever points are accessible, killing certain monsters throughout Black Desert will absorb Agris Fever points. Factors will be swallowed differently based on the sort of monsters which you kill, along with the usage of points will provide you around a 100% rise to the seller items that creature drops.

You may save up to 10,000 Agris Fever points, and you’ll regain 3,000 Agris Fever points every day. Agris Fever points will recuperate at 6:00 AM (UTC) daily. To make life simpler, Agris Fever will reset in the following times on your timezone:


Dev Notice:
Agris Fever was intended for adventurers who like fighting creatures for small intervals every day. You are able to unlock the Agris Fever content by providing tribute during the Adventure Log into Agris, the Balenosian early god of wealth. Irrespective of whether you have logged in to the sport or not, you may recover a predetermined number of points daily at a particular time, which is consumed to give a enthusiast raising the quantity of garbage item drops when beating monsters.

Our intention using the Agris Fever would be not to override the present fans that exist for murdering creatures (for example, food, elixirs, scrolls etc), but rather offer something which synergizes with those consequences. We hope this turns out to be a successful undertaking, and let people who have a brief quantity of time every day to perform a means to create silver.

Factors Consumed per Dragon Kill
Points consumed on Dragon kills fluctuates based on the form of creature murdered. These tables indicate the number of factors are consumed daily kill:

● Agris Fever points consumed daily kill can change in future upgrades.
● As fresh regions arrive, fresh monsters will be inserted, and also the absorbed Agris Fever points will change.
● With other items using the Agris Fever impact which also raises item fall will have a maximum impact of 200%.

In combination with this Agris fever fans, we’re also raising the value of specific seller things in Black Desert.

Costs (% Increase)

Desert Naga Temple

1,000 → 1,750 (75 percent )

Bashim Base

Bashim Mane

1,100 → 1,925 (75 percent )

Titium Valley

1,040 → 1,820 (75 percent )

Crescent Shrine

Token of Crescent

1,080 → 1,890 (75 percent )

Tshira Ruins

Swamp Leaves

1,160 → 2,030 (75 percent )

Gahaz Seal

1,600 → 2,400 (50 percent )

Cadry Ruins

Cadry’s Token

1,200 → 2,100 (75 percent )

Fadus Habitat

1,200 → 2,100 (75 percent )

Polly’s woods

Mushroom Hypha

1,700 → 1,955 (15 percent )

Waragon Nest

Stone Waragon Hides

1,800 → 3,150 (75 percent )

Blood Wolf Settlement

Blood Wolf Mane


1,430 → 2,120 (48 percent )

Basilisk Den

Basilisk Scale

2,000 → 3,000 (50 percent )

Centaurus Herd

Centaurus Mane

2,160 → 3,240 (50 percent )

Pila Ku Jail

2,400 → 3,600 (50 percent )

Roud Sulfur Mine

Sulfur Fragment

2,000 → 3,000 (50 percent )

Sherekhan Necropolis

Bravery Token

2,650 → 3,445 (30 percent )

Medal of Bravery

50,000 → 65,000 (30 percent )

Forest Ronaros

3,600 → 4,320 (20 percent )

Manshaum Forest

Narc Magic Mark

8,000 → 8,800 (10 percent )

●Trash loot which are still on your stock as the upkeep begins will be converted to silver in the old prices, which silver will be delivered to a email.

Shultz Guard Captain Kunga has become the possession of several exceptionally well-crafted armors and weapons and has utilized this haul to fortify his troops at the Shultz Guard Garrison. This one semi-challenging experience has become and exceptionally dangerous location for wandering adventurers.

The AP and DP of critters at Shultz Guard has been significantly improved, and the quality of items which may fall in the region also have been enhanced. The region is currently a recommended 240 AP, up from 130 — 190 AP. While battling in this area, the Shultz Guard Captain Kunga has an opportunity to look, offering a difficult fight for any adventurer absurd enough to step into his domain name.

The Armor Fragment seller thing that falls within this region is only going to fall in single units but is worth has significantly improved.

● The strange positioning of a few’Lateh’s Tomb’ places (night ) at Sherekhan Necropolis was mended.
● Main Story Quest boss monsters in Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah have experienced their assault and defensive stats improved.
● Decreased the amount of time that it requires for the next creatures in the following areas to vie: Quest Barracks at Cron Castle, Al Rhundi soldiers and object-type creatures in castle ruins, Harpy and Harpy Warriors in Delphe Knights Castle.
● Improved the amount of quest-required Barracks at Cron Castle● Fixed a problem where World Bosses would spawn all 4 in order.
● Balenos and Serendia Tax Wagons are altered so that they can no more be ruined.

Particular mushrooms have experienced their consequences upgraded to reflect the modifications they employ. The next mushrooms have been influenced:

Hump Mushroom, Bluffer Mushroom, High Quality Hump Mushroom, High Quality Bluffer Mushroom, Particular Hump Mushroom, Particular Bluffer Mushroom.

Previous Description New Description
Stun Resistance +5percent
Stun/Stiffness Resistance +5percent
Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +5percent

Adhering to these text changes, in addition, there are a couple additional text changes which are occurring this upgrade, to help explain the effects of particular products. Elixir of Resistance, Elixir of Sharp Resistance, [Party] Elixir of Resistance and [Party] Elixir of Sharp Resistance have had their influence explained, describing that the immunity effects especially towards critters apply separately from ordinary resistance effects.

Considering that’Laila’s Petal’ could be gotten at any given level, we’re adding additional tooltips into the product that’ll explain the pre-requisites for a fairy.

To reflect the worth of the next Magic Crystals better, These Crystals will have their Highest cost on the Central Market improved:

Seals gained from finishing Imperial actions (Delivery, Trade etc) have been enhanced by imperial decree. By completing tasks connected to the Imperial system, you may now get Golden Seals, which may be traded for new products.

With all these new seals, we’ll stop distributing the Shiny Golden Seals, but fear not, you will continue to have the ability to swap them with the applicable NPCs. The older Shiny Golden Seals will stay on your stocks and can be traded for the very same things as before.

Additional Item Changes
● Fixed a problem where Armor Fragment (Vendor Item) out of Shultz Guard could place a route to a unnecessary NPC.
● The thing grade of this’Layout: Epheria Sailboat’ was altered to be exactly like the’Layout: Epheria Frigate’ (both are currently White Grade objects ).
● Now you can swap multiple'[Guild] Clearance Permits’ in a single activity. We also have added the capability for guild supervisors in Duvencrune and Grana to have the ability to execute this action. ● Fairy’s Blessing can be utilized to employ Enhancement Chance from the Window Window.
● The’Hedgehog’ pet collecting ability will now trigger the following sources:
Rainbow Stone, Strange Rock, Coal, Opal, Clear Quartz, Red Quartz, Green Quartz, Black Quartz, Blue Crystal, Violet Crystal

Blue tier equipment was inserted for Sailboats. The blue tier equipment could be crafted and improved similarly to additional blue life ability equipment (i.e fishing poles ), and supply bonuses to enhance your Sailboats harm, rate etc.. These items are now available:


Item Title

Building Desired

Epheria Frigate

Epheria Frigate: Updated Black Plating

Epheria Frigate: Dark Breeze Sail

Epheria Sailboat

Guild Shipyard Level two

Fishing Boat


Kaia Rowboat Decoration

Kaia Rowboat Prow

[Guild] Capotia Golden Elephant Mask

[Guild] Capotia Golden Elephant Armor

[Guild] Capotia Silk Saddle

[Guild] Capotia Silk Stirrups

Guild House Elephant Nursery Level two

To decrease some of the time necessary to get from place to place in the principal story pursuit, we’ve included the’Traveler’s Map’ to particular quests from the Calpheon, Mediah and Valencia story outlines. A’Traveler’s Map’ is a 1 time use thing that can take you to the closest town and contains a 6 hour cooldown time. The next quests have had this Product added to their benefit table:

Area Quest Name
Calpheon The Qualities of a God
Mediah Cursed Chest
Valencia Kibelius, the Historical Theaters

The quests necessary to begin Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log happen to be added to the proposed search tab at the pursuit menu. This shift will also be applied to some upcoming Adventure Log that’s added to the match, such as the forthcoming’Novel of Marghan’.

We also have made it simpler to finish Main Story quests that need eaves dropping. These quests often triggered newer users to Dark Desert, thus we’ve attempted to make them accessible.

● The crafting notes will have a search function, enabling one to discover precisely what you need from the crafting notes window. This search will have to use the entire title of the product, in addition to the hunt being case-sensitive. We’ll enhance this role in a subsequent upgrade.
● From the character creation screen, Warrior will always appear as the first choice.
● Produced the understanding rank colours for compliments (Ecology) much more uniform.
● Fixed a problem where the arrangement of the character pick window could sometimes reset.
● Added a tooltip from the fairy window which when a fairy has attained the maximum degree, it could be rebirthed.
● Additional a durability telling to show a large ship when the ship’s gear is running on durability.
● Fixed a problem with overlapping text at the Guild House Auction UI.
● Fixed a problem where Shipyard degree 3 would reveal an incorrect manufacturing record.
● New screen settings are added. Both these settings are located in the Screen Settings menu.
Screen Quality > Display Blood Splatter, Prove Bloodstains

Camera Graphics > Camera Vision Range
Performance Settings> Function Progress (default ). Notice, that setting will make each player’s employees look round the mapas they operate daily to day jobs.

Three brand new hairstyles are added to every one of those male classes. These hairstyles will probably be accessible from the customization window following this upgrade.

● Improved Shield Chase so it flows better with Righteous Charge
● Improved the Voice quality when utilizing the Guild Voice chat operate in-game (Xbox Only)
● When utilizing the Beauty Album, your currently chosen course are the default choice when assessing current download positions.
● Fixed a problem in Altar of Blood in which the manager could be conquered the stages 6 and advancement wouldn’t last.
● Fixed a problem where the Beauty Album catch function would sometimes not function as planned.
● Fixed a problem where the Skill Animations from the window would sometimes not function as planned.
● Particular items changing the Shai’s hair colour when outfitted was fixed.
● Fixed a problem where certain UI components would overlap from the Party Window.
● Fixed certain topics which could occur when altering the UI size together with the’Correct UI Size” menu.
● Fixed a problem where the Dark Spirit loading autofocus could sometimes show even if there wasn’t any loading happening.
● Fixed a problem where particular sound effects wouldn’t follow the in-game audio effect choices.
● Fixed a problem where accidental system messages could sometimes display with food things.
● Fixed a problem where Rage Absorption would sometimes show the incorrect buff icon.
● Fixed a problem where when employing coupons at the Pearl Store, it might show an incorrect cost.

● Fixed a problem where text will overlap from the home window.

● Fixed an problem where the UI for its horse shooting mini-game will be obscured by method messages.
● Fixed a problem where weapons would sometimes not appear from the’Dye Menu’.
● Fixed a problem where specific hairstyles will break through helmets at the’Dye Menu’.

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