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Black Desert Online Patch Notes Update 1.50

Black Desert Online Patch Notes Update 1.50

Black Desert Online Patch Notes Update 1.50

Pearl Abyss introduced a fresh Update for Black Desert Online today. Below is the entire patch notes for this patch on August 5.

Black Desert Update 1.50 is currently readily available for PS4 and Xbox One. Todays Update adds some gameplay adjustments and bug fixes.

There’s a visual issue in which selling Pearl Shop things lowers the count of the Old Moon Trade Pass. The transaction pass Isn’t consumed and will probably be visible the next time you enter into the Central Market

There’s an issue at which the Hashashin Desert/Treant Camouflage place isn’t available from the Desert/Treant Camouflage Costume Box.


Known Problems

Kamasylve Tree Won’t leave properly when shooting the Old Moon Sky Balloon from Calpheon into Kamasylvia

There’s a known issue in which the range of Guild Members is wrongly shown on the Guild Information and Guild Member Status pages once you visit a stage specific server. It is only going to show the guild members who share your system.

There’s an issue in which in certain conditions, you can’t input your own residence.

There’s an issue where particular horse costumes don’t look properly when mounting are attached to your wagon.

There’s an issue where throughout node wars, it’s now not feasible to use the two-seater work on a horse using the ability available.

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