Black Desert Online Patch Notes Update 1.53

Black Desert Online Patch Notes Update 1.53

Black Desert Online Patch Notes Update 1.53

Pearl Abyss introduced a fresh Update for Black Desert Online today. Below are the complete patch notes for this patch on September 4.

Black Desert Update 1.53 is currently readily available for PS4 and Xbox One. Now’s patch adds fresh material, bug fixes and optimizations.

Pit of Undying was something that we’ve desired to do for some time. We have long wanted to deliver a deeper, more participating PVE experience for gamers and it’s something we also have heard a good deal from adventurers throughout our providers. Creating bosses which are equally hard and match with a’play the way you need to’ mindset has

Been a struggle, but we’re finally pleased to publish the Pit of Undying to games! We’re planning to further enlarge this manner later on, and look forward to getting comments from you so that we may further improve and construct this manner.

The Crow’s Nest is an island located in fog. Only the bravest of sailors ever found their way , and those who did manage to find it frequently ended up staying here. Tranan Underfoe understands of this Crow’s Nest, and is prepared to inform of its place to all those adventurers who have shown their value. Follow his directions, and you also

Will have the ability to discover that the Crow’s nest, and match up with the initial crow, the person who began this elusive purchase.

From the Crow’s Nest you may find the Pit of Undying. The Pit of Undying is a 1v1 PvE stadium where you will be able to face off against tough supervisors. Contrary to the directors you’ve faced up to now from the world of Black Desert, then you’ll have to pay close attention to your competitors, and detect their flaws. For into the Pit of Undying,

You will first have to complete a series of quests taking you to the Crows Nest, and once there you’ll have the ability to challenge the fighters of this Crow Merchants Guild.

Crow’s nest is situated north of Iliya Island, and is easily identifiable because of it’s volcanic character. You’ll require a ship if you want to navigate there , and since it is from the Ross Sea, then you’ll have to navigate without using the map or automobile pathing, so be certain that you orientate yourself prior to attaining the Ross Sea.

To be able to begin the pit of undying, you’ll have to have the Undying Crow’s Insignia outfitted onto your personality, which sits on your Tome slot. To find this insignia, you’ll have to finish the’Crow’s Nest’ questline. These quests can be completed once a household, on a personality that’s level 56 or greater.

Evergart — A former associate of this Goyen Mercenaries and also a researcher of Necromancy, Evergart is a powerful foe so look out for his strong attacks.

Brodie — A proficient Archer, and specialist hunter. Brodie is well-known for putting traps to ensnare people in his landscapes.

Man of Steel — The Man of Steel will chase down those who dare challenge him at the Pit of Undying and crush them to bits.

Yulho — An evasive up and comer at the Pit of Undying. He’s rarely seen, however his name carries a great deal of prestige. Defeating Yulho delivers a huge benefit.

Kunga — Kunga fantasies of fighting from the honour of this great Shultz, also has found home at the Pit of Undying. He’s an intimidating figure, and adventurers are cautioned he could be an unbelievable challenge for anybody who must face him.

These conflicts will fluctuate based upon the Insignia your personality wears while going into the Pit of Undying. The greater the degree of your insignia, the harder the conflicts will be and the increased volume of Seal of Undying items you’ll receive. . To get your initial insignia, you Will Have to finish the [Great Expedition] Crow’s Nest

quest line.

Should you perish in the Pit of this Undying throughout the primary Crow’s Nest quests, then don’t sacrifice the pursuit but socialize with Chorpy to get a rematch.


Fantastic battles of course demand great rewards. For every one of your successes you’ll be rewarded with’Seals of’ Undying’, which may subsequently be used to buy things from Patrigio from the Crow’s Nest. You can swap’Seals of’ Undying’ for these things:

Item Seals of Undying Required
Fresh Orange Juice 2
Sweet Wild Berry Juice 2
Sour Green Grape Juice 2
Enchanted Scroll +20 20
Cron Stone Bundle 30
Item Collection Increase Scroll (30 min.) 100
Advice of Valks (25~35) 200
Fine Accessory Box 350
Advice of Valks (40~60) 500
Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupons (select 1) 6000

Instant Travel into the Pit of Undying

As soon as you’ve found the Crow’s Nest on your own and finishing the essential questline, you’ll have the ability to immediately teleport back into the Pit on Undying. This function can be obtained only from Velia or the Crow’s Nest, and you shouldn’t be at a celebration when seeking to utilize this particular function, which will appear in the start menu. To have this

Function accessible, you must first have finished the'[Crow’s Nest] To Crow’s Nest’ pursuit from Lavala.

Hexe Sanctuary is a traditional place for adventurers to check their mettle. The skeletons and wolves there ship frights throughout the feeble, and following this evaluation many never go back. But recent discoveries in the region may alter that, as the Traitors Graveyard was discovered.

Attacking the Traitors Gravestones located across the region will draw the eye of all Grudge-bearing skeletons, that will attempt to guard the gravestones. All these skeletons will be embued with a pure love of the dwelling, and consequently will be much more powerful than ordinary skeletons that shield Hexe Sanctuary.

Traitors Graveyard includes a recommended AP evaluation of 160, so venture there in the event that you dare.

As a part of our ongoing effort to clean up in-game text and also create things clearer, we’re incorporating the missing ramifications into the subsequent Magic Crystals.

Discount Knockback Resistance +10percent → Knockback/Floating Resistance +10percent

Discount Knockdown Resistance +10percent → Knockdown/Bound Resistance +10percent

Discount Stun Resistance +10percent → Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +10percent

We also have enhanced the 4-set impact description of this Treant and Desert Camouflage Outfits to add all that’s hidden.

— Hides your personality, loved ones, and guild title.

We’ve included a set of quests which will ask you to receive knowledge of different islands at the Balenos area. You’ll have the ability to begin this quest line using a character that’s level 14 or greater, and also you household have finished the following quests:'[Boss] Witch-Hunting’, or’Seeking Adventurers’. After these are fulfilled, speak

To Igor Bartali at Velia to start the quests.

● The Max HP enthusiast which is employed during Conquests Wars at Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon has been raised from +100 HP into +1000 HP, and we’ve eliminated the Max HP-500 impact for beating a land consecutively.

● The Max HP enthusiast that’s implemented during Node Wars has been raised from +100 HP into +500 HP

● Decreased the Cooldown for reviving in Conquest Wars:

-Ahead 60~120 minutes

-Following: 10 ~ 60 minutes

-The cooldown reduction effect of Recovery Centers hasn’t changed.

● Changed the minimal AP/DP/Accuracy corrected for characters engaging in Node/ Conquest Wars.

Throughout a culmination of this Korean FGT, consumer feedback and internal talks, we’re releasing a fairly big and detailed collection of equilibrium changes. This upgrade is meant to enhance the operation of numerous abilities for every single course, and contains adjustments to both pre-awakening and stirring for each course. We’ll also be

Making modifications to the AP/DP mounts (particularly in the higher rates ), and even though players are now unable to achieve these peaks, the fluctuations are there once they’re accessible.

All Of Class Changes

Particular skills which use summons (whether or not not) have experienced their Fundamental Attack Power increased.

Class Skill Before After
Sorceress Blade of Darkness I, Flow: Cry of Darkness 5 90
Blade of Darkness II, Flow: Cry of Darkness 10 95
Blade of Darkness III, Flow: Cry of Darkness 15 100
Black Spirit: Cartian’s Protection 1 100
Berserker Black Spirit: Flame Buster 1 100
Tamer Heilang I 15 45
Heilang II 20 50
Heilang III 25 55
Heilang IV 30 60
Heilang V 35 65
Heilang VI 40 70
Heilang VII 45 75
Heilang VIII 50 80
Heilang IX 55 85
Heilang X 60 90
Heilang XI 65 95
Musa Projection 15 100
Black Spirit: Projection 1 100
Kunoichi Delighted Blast 15 100
Ninjutsu: Sinew Cut 15 100
Assassin’s Trail 1 100
Witch Toxic Flood 15 100
Gorr 65 100
Tett 65 100
Wizard Lava Field 15 100
Arne 65 100
Marg 65 100
Striker Echo Spirit 35 100
Mystic Dragon 35 100
Archer Black Spirit: Radiant Explosion 15 100

The Damage Reduction granted at different DP brackets has been modified, and new brackets have been added to the upper end of the scale.

Before After
Displayed DP Bonus Damage Reduction Displayed DP Bonus Damage Reduction
301~ 308 14% 301~ 307 14%
309 ~ 315 15% 308 ~ 314 15%
316 ~ 323 16% 315 ~ 321 16%
324 ~ 330 17% 322 ~ 328 17%
331 ~ 338 18% 329 ~ 334 18%
339 ~ 345 19% 335 ~ 340 19%
345 ~ 20% 341 ~ 346 20%
347 ~ 352 21%
353 ~ 358 22%
359 ~ 364 23%
365 ~ 370 24%
371 ~ 376 25%
377 ~ 382 26%
383 ~ 388 27%
389 ~394 28%
395 ~ 400 29%
401 ~ 30%


Displayed AP Additional AP
309 ~ 315 200
316 ~ 322 203
323 ~ 329 205
330 ~ 339 207
340 ~ 210

Pre-Awakening Skills

● Piercing Spear, Absolute: Piercing Spear – Is now able to be used during cooldowns.

● Instant Grapple – Now a passive skill that is always activated when using Take Down after learning Instant Grapple.

● Seismic Strike – Skill activation time reduced.

Awakening Skills

● Black Spirit: Solar Flare – Added levels to the skill so the skill’s damage increases with the Solar Flare skill levels.

Skill Damage
Black Spirit: Solar Flare I Hit Damage 1156% x1, Max 3 Hits
Hit Damage 1156% x10
Black Spirit: Solar Flare II Hit Damage 1272% x1, Max 3 Hits
Hit Damage 1272% x10
Black Spirit: Solar Flare III Hit Damage 1388% x1, Max 3 Hits
Hit Damage 1388% x10
Black Spirit: Solar Flare IV Hit Damage 1503% x1, Max 3 Hits
Hit Damage 1503% x10

● Head Chase – Changed the skill to be useable while in pre-awakening.

● Grave Digging – Fixed issues where the reductions for Attack Speed, Cating Speed, and Movement Speed did not apply after a successful spin hit.

Pre-Awakening Skills

● Call of the Earth – Increased the duration time of the Increased Skill Accuracy effect by 20 seconds.

● Evasive Explosion Shot – Adjusted the skill’s cooldown time.

Skill Before After
Evasive Explosion Shot I 15 sec. 15 sec.
Evasive Explosion Shot II 14 sec. 13 sec.
Evasive Explosion Shot III 12 sec. 11 sec.
Absolute: Evasive Explosion Shot 12 sec. 9 sec.

● Blasting Gust — Enriched the ability so that it could be triggered in Awakening after Ultimate: Evasive Explosion Shot and Total: Blasting Gust happen to be discovered.

Blasting Gust I III — Additional Super Armor impacts to the turning movement of their abilities.

Razor Wind I V, Complete: Razor Wind — Additional Forward Guard impacts to the beginning motion of their abilities.

Descending Present, Ultimate: Descending Current — Enriched combo to be natural when transitioning from Descending Present to Ultimate: Descending Current.

Descending Current — Altered the ability’s cooldown to 4 minutes, and additional Super Armor impact when not on cooldown.

Spirit Curing — Applied Stamina +10 permanent consequences to all degrees in the ability whereas earlier it only applied to specific amounts. Reaching maximum degree will grant an extra +100 Stamina.

Wailing Wind — Altered the ability to become usable in the Ring Menu Slot while at pre-awakening.

Wailing Wind — Altered the ability’s Knockback effect to use only to creatures and additional a Forward Guard Effect.

Guardian — Altered the ability’s sprinting buffs to be implemented while not in battle or while at pre-awakening.

Shards of Darkness IV — Additional new ability level which will let you produce up to 4 shards.

Crow Food II — Added a new ability level

— Learning Crow Food II will permit you to utilize Storming Crow by swallowing shards, even in the event that you don’t have sufficient endurance.

Imminent Doom — Ability cooldown altered to 24 seconds (down from 30 seconds).

Bloody Calamity — Ability cooldown shifted to 30 seconds (down from 40 seconds).

Complete: Crow Flare — Additional floating effect into the ability to get a successful hit when ability is utilized off cooldown.

Complete Darkness — Enriched the ability to become usable at Quick Slot, also may be utilized while in stirring.

Awakening Skills

Soul Harvest — Improved the healing impact of Shards of Darkness from the ability to regain 2 points a successful strike, Maximum 8 points.

Shadow Leap — Added a method to get Increase AP consequences by swallowing Shards.

— This absorbs 10 Shards that will provide the caster identical fans as Shards of Darkness.

Nightmare — Additional Super Armor impacts to the beginning movements of this skill.

Turn-back Slash, Black Spirit: Turn-back Slash — Additional Decrease All Evasion effects upon the past successful hit of their abilities.

Blade of Darkness I III — Improved PvE, PvP harm of this Summons by 30%.

Flow: Cry of Darkness — Increased amount of strikes by 1.

Skill Before After
Fearsome Tyrant I 1 Min. 45 Sec. 1 Min.
Fearsome Tyrant II 1 Min. 45 Sec. 55 Sec.
Fearsome Tyrant III 1 Min. 45 Sec. 50 Sec.
Absolute: Fearsome Tyrant 1 Min. 45 Sec. 45 Sec.

● Shake Away — Improved ability by enabling Shake Away to combo following Fearsome Tyrant after studying Shake Away III and IV.


Fearsome Tyrant — Input altered when using the ability on a bracket to B/O

Raging Thunder I Absolute: Raging Thunder — Altered Raging Thunder I, II knockback consequences and Raging Thunder III ~ Total: Raging Thunder Knockdown consequences to be implemented only to creatures.

Raging Thunder I Absolute: Raging Thunder — Super armor added to the ability, PvP harm decreased by 11%.

Raging Thunder — Additional text to describe the specifics of this ability that are utilized following Shake away and Evasion.

— Utilizing Shake Off here doesn’t more possess Super Armor consequences, but may rather have knockdown.

Feral Rage — Additional Super Armor into the ability.

Shake Away — Altered the ability’s Super Armor result to Invincibility effect.

Ire of Beast — Enriched the camera to twist the personality towards the camera management while utilizing the ability.

Lava Piercer — Enriched issues where motion would slow down if the characterwas reach during Lava Piercer.

Wrath of Beast — Fixed a problem where the Beast Shape would turn away if using the ability.

Flow: Earth Dividing — Ability can be added into the Ring Menu

Flow: Historical Wave — Cooldown decreased to 20 minutes (from 30 minutes ).

Jolt Stab — Improved the ability’s speed.

Absorb Heilang — Fixed the problem in which Absorb Heilang didn’t exhibit the proper cooldown when put into some Skill Cooldown Slot.

Summon Heilang XI — Additional Stiffness on strike when using Control: Strike on the Heilang who has learned the ability.

Heilang: Upward Claw IV — Enriched the ability to assault in the way the camera is switched to.

Flow: Intimidation — Could now be added into the Ring Menu and additional Down Smash impact to the ability.

Flow: Intimidation — Enriched the ability to be triggered in the ring menu in preawakening.

Beast Rampage — Improved PvP harm to the ability’s 1st to 3rd struck by 15%.

Strike, Stay, play, Sit — Improved the abilities to combine faster with other abilities.

Legendary Beast Dance I IV — Dark Turtle’s attack rate animation improved.

Flow: Gorr Roll — Improved the ability’s PvE, PvP damage by 5 percent.

● Altered the Critical Strike Rate of these abilities in PvE as follows:

-Flow: Voltaic Terr, Flow: Rage Tett — Improved the ability’ Critical Strike Rates to 50 percent

-Flow: Gorr Launch — Improved the ability’s Critical Hit speed to 100 percent.

Flow: Magical Evasion — Additional the ability to interrogate abilities.

Black Spirit: Bolide of Destruction — Altered the ability to now employ its Bound impact in PvP too.

Cataclysm — Removed the ability’s Casting Speed growth effects, which can be currently employed to Bolide of Destruction.

● Altered the PvE Critical Strike Rates of these abilities:

— Flow: Fire Fist Marg — Improved the ability’s Critical Hit speed to 50 percent.

● Hellfire — Improced the ability to maneuver the Wizard from the way the camera is facing.

Sword of Judgement — Altered the ability’s 3rd hit to trigger Ultimate: Sword of Judgement simultaneously.

Death Line Chase — Fixed the ability to correctly apply the proper damage and debuff when comboing to Promptness after utilizing the ability on cooldown.

Promptness — Altered the ability description concerning Death Line Chase to represent its own activation properly.

— RB/R1 later Death Line Chase → RB/R1 following ahead Death Line Chase

Black Spirit: Sanctitas p Enslar IIII — Improved the animation rate ahead of the ability’s attack.

Sanctitasde Enslar — Improved the abilities activation rate.

Terra Sancta — Altered the ability’s Bound effect to just apply to creatures and additional a Super Armor impact during ability use.

● Black Spirit: Dragon Bite — Added a Stun impact and Critical Strike Rate +50percent on ability hit.

Projection IIII, Flow: Extra Credit — Improved the power of the Crescent Blade at PvE, PvP by 30 percent

Crosscut — Altered the effects that are implemented when using the ability using all the Musa’s Soul enthusiast as follows:

Before After
Used Normally WP cost X
Super Armor X
WP cost O
Super Armor O
Used on cooldown WP cost X
Super Armor X
WP cost X
Super Armor X

Backstep Slash — Altered the ability’s Stiffness impact to use only to critters, Forward Guard influence added.

Flow: Moonlight Dash — Altered the ability’s Knockdown effect to just apply to creatures, Super Armor influence added.

Frost Pillars — Fixed the problem where using the ability on cooldown would decrease the ability’s attack range.

Moonrise — Altered the ability’s Stun impact on the 1st hit to just apply to creatures, Super Armor added throughout the 1st hit.

● Ghost Measure — shifted the capability to no more mix into Ghost Greeting following usage.

Illusion of Restraint — Altered the ability’s backward motion impact that happens on successful guard throughout the ability’s strikes to only arise when all the skill’s strikes have finished linking.

Vengeful Barrier — Fixed the ability description concerning the ability’s Stun impact to match its real effect.

— Stun on strike (just to creatures ) → Stun on strike (just to creatures ) (Not employed if ability is about cooldown).

Ninja Evasion — Fixed the problem in which the ability would trigger even if locked in Awakening.

Murderous Intent IIII — Fixed the problem in which the Ninja could slow down on ability hit.

Flow: Mach Explosion — Altered the ability to become usable in pre-awakening.

Flow: Mach Explosion — Altered the ramifications of this debuffs implemented on ability strikes.

— Bound on strike → Stiffness on strike.

Flow: Mach Explosion, Bloodthirst: Katana Shower IIV, Serpent Ascension IIII, Vacuum Slash — Enriched the abilities to blend smoother into other abilities after use.

Seamless — Improved the animation rate of the abilities 1st hit.

● Ghost Measure — altered the ability to no more mix into Ghost Greeting following usage.

Sah Spree of Sonan — Altered the activation rate of this ability’s 2nd and 4th strikes to be quicker than previously.

Flow: Block Jump — Altered the ability to automatically switch to pre-awakening when picking on the left analogue stick after utilizing the ability.

Flow: Block Jump — Altered the ability’s Stun effect into the Stiffness result to be implemented when holding up on the left analogue stick after utilizing the ability even if the Crimson Eclipse enthusiast.

● Changed the cartoon when switching from Awakening to Pre-awakening while meditating.

Delighted Blast — Fixed a problem where the ability’s Lunar strikes were not raising critical strike chance in PvP.

Danse Macabre — Altered the ability’s Super Armor impact to employ throughout the entire skill duration.

Lunatic Discus — Added a Forward Guard result into the ability before attacking.

Lunar Dash IIII — Altered the ability’s command input :

Lunar Dash IIII — Eased the crash array with monsters and other players to smoothen movement throughout the ability.

● Additional details about the Echo Spirit influence to abilities where the Striker strikes in tandem using the Echo Spirit.

● Flash Measure — Improved the ability to blend more rapidly to other abilities.

Flash Measure — Enriched the ability to blend smoother to another Flash Measure when swallowing Martial Spirit Shards.

Quiet Measure — Enriched the ability’s invincible impact to last a little longer during ability use.

Crouching Wolf — Additional details about the ability’s backward evasion from the description.

● Increased the damage of this Echo Spirit which appears throughout Awakening ability use.

Echo Spirit — Improved the ability’s PvE, PvP damage by 15 percent.

Flow: Bite Off — Fixed the problem where Rampaging Predator’s amount wasn’t raising the ability’s damage.

Flow: Bite Off — Fixed the problem where Rampaging Predator’s critical hit chance impact was not being implemented through the ability.

Hell Break — Added another movement to happen when using the ability following Ferocious Assault, Rampaging Predator, Fallout and Tornado Kick at Awakening.

Hell Break — Improved the PvP harm of this ability’s Echo Spirit by 35%.

● Improved the PvE and PvP harm of this Echo Spirit appearing from the following abilities. Formerly, the damage initiated from the Echo Spirit differed by ability, therefore all Echo spirits of these skills currently deal the maximum damage once potential.

— Skull Crysher

— Infernal Destruction

— Endless Explosion

— Ultimate Crush

Property Buster — Fixed the problem in which the ability’s Down Attack was not being implemented.

Crouching Wolf — Enriched the ability to blend more rapidly to the backward evasion motion when holding back on the analogue stick after utilizing the ability in Awakening.

Flash Measure — Fixed the problem where attempting to utilize Spiral Cannon would sometimes activate Fist of Authentic Power.

● Additional details about the dragon impact to abilities where the Mystic strikes in tandem with all the Azure Dragon.

● Flash Measure — Enriched the ability to blend simpler into Elbow Edge after utilizing the ability.

Flash Measure — Improved the ability to combo more rapidly into other abilities.

Flash Measure — Enriched the ability to blend smoother to another Flash Measure after swallowing Martial Spirit Shards.

Hidden Thing — Enriched the ability to trigger its backward motion when utilizing + RB/R1 while going backward after a successful protector in Awakening.

Wolf’s Frenzy — Enriched the ability to let backward evasion when going back throughout the ability.

Wolf’s Frenzy — Enriched the ability to now combo into Flash Measure during ability use.

Quiet Measure — Impoved the ability’s invincible impact to survive slightly longer during ability use.

Crouching Wolf — Additional details about the ability’s backward evasion from the description.

Tidal Burst, Quick Stream — Altered the abilities to take the complete command input following a successful defender while going backward in pre-awakening.

Dragon’s Pit — Improved PvP damage by 10 percent

Growing DragonImproved the PvP damage dealt with the dragon after swallowing Martial Spirit by 16 percent

Sea Burial — Improved the PvE, PvP damage dealt with the dragon after swallowing Martial Spirit by 15%.

Complete: Mass Desctruction — Fixed the problem in which the ability couldn’t be combed into later utilizing Flash Measure in pre-awakening.

Improve: Wolf’s Frenzy — Enriched the ability to blend into Flash Measure during ability use.

● Spirit Movements — Skill influence shifted: Max MP +150 → Max MP +150, Max Stamina +300

Obsidian Ashes IV, Total Obsidian Ashes — Fixed the problem in which the ability’s hit wouldn’t be implemented when the camered was turning during ability use.

Seed of Catastrophe IIV — Changed the ability’s debuff effect implemented on strike as follows

-Stiffness on strike → Floating on strike

Seed of Catastrophe IIV — Fixed the problem in which the ability’s hit wouldn’t be implemented when the camera has been turned through the skill.

● Meteor Dive I III, Total: Meteor Dive — Enriched the ability to blend better into other abilities.

Ensnare IIII — Altered the ability so that it could now blend into Glide.

Piercing Lighting IIII — Altered the harm per number of strikes as follows.

Skill Before After
Piercing Light I 766% x5 Hit Damage 689% x5
1 Charge Hit Damage 766% x5
2 Charge Hit Damage 843% x5
3 Charge Hit Damage 919% x5
Piercing Light II 1075% x5 Hit Damage 968% x5
1 Charge Hit Damage 1075% x5
2 Charge Hit Damage 1183% x5
3 Charge Hit Damage 1290% x5
Piercing Light III 1570% x5 Hit Damage 1413% x5
1 Charge Hit Damage 1570% x5
2 Charge Hit Damage 1727% x5
3 Charge Hit Damage 1884% x5

● Wind Orchid IIV, Total: Ground Orchid — Altered the ability so that it could now be added into the ring menu.

Morning Dew — Altered the skill’s impact on strikes as follows

-Bound on strike → Stiffness on strike.

Morning Dew IIII — Skills midair hit has been enhanced to make it easier to strike.

Black Spirit: Pendulum Kick I III — Altered the ability to now allow the usage of Phantom Dance following the ability’s 1st hit.

Primrose Sprint, Ultimate: Primrose Sprint — Altered the ability to blend into other abilities.

● Fixed a problem in ability trailer in which the Lahn would seem like she had been wielding her Crescent Pendulum in awakening abilities.

● Phantom Dance — Ability has been enhanced so that it now combos to other abilities more easily.

Bridled Despair — Altered the ability’s Stun impact on strike only apply to creatures and additional a Forward Guard impact during ability use.

Black Spirit: Bridled Despair — Altered the skill’s consequences on the 1st struck

— Stiffness on 1st struck → Stun on 1st hit.

Eradication — Altered a portion of this ability’s attack animation.

● Added a new idle cartoon to the Lahn when she’s outside of battle in stirring stance.

● Sprinkle-Sparkle — Improved the abilities projectile speed.

Perform Dead — altered the cooldown period to 5 minutes (from 10 minutes).

Come Out, Come Out — Altered the ability’s All DP reduction effect to additionally apply to creatures.

Come Out, Come Out — Improved the Shai’s movement rate when using the ability.

Dark Spirit: Discover Well — Altered the ability’s HP recovery result from 500 HP to 700 HP each second.

Black Spirit: Get Well — Added an all DP+300 impact to apply to this Shai when utilizing the ability.

Kwik-Two — Additional Forward Guard into the ability.

— Altered the ability as follows

— Improved Florin’s Leaf to be usable so long as there is just one or leaves accessible.

— Altered the All AP increase enthusiast effect to grow more powerful based on the amount of Glorin’s Leaf consumed.

Hop-Three — Ability can be utilized while in her present posture.

— Improved the ability result to be apparent.


● Improved Donation skill effects to employ quicker when using Talent abilities of the same tool consecutively.

, Shout into the Sky, Misty Haze, Delusive Light — Improved the’ abilities’ effects on effect to be apparent.

Sun, Moon, Stars — Enriched the skill’s consequences on effect to be apparent.

Tuck-and-Roll — Fixed the problem where utilizing the ability while enjoying Talent Songs would automatically trigger Sprint.

Sun’s Fury — Fixed the problem in which the ability’s Icon would look from the ability effect description.


● Purge IVI, Complete: Purge — Fixed a problem where the float wouldn’t apply properly at particular distances.

Hourglass of Defiance — Ability preview now correctly displays the ability effect.

● Aal’s Dominion IIV — Strike range was diminished

Aal’s Dominion II~IV, Total: Aal’s Dominion — Range for the highest number of strikes has been raised to match the present skill description.

Breath of Aal, Total: Breath of Aal — Ability effect has been enhanced.

● Fixed a problem where in some scenarios, Awakening Hashashin couldn’t ride a bracket.

● Fixed a problem where in some specific cases, the Enhancement and Transfusion switches at the Dark Spirit would reveal no consequences.

● The Sky Balloon Manager compliments that can’t be accessed has been altered so that it shows up.

● To help the operation of reduced end devices, the following optimization choices have been fixed and set.

— Personality Optimization; Additional Adventurers will be observable at 20

— Hide Different Adventurers Based on the scenarios; ON

— Hide Different Groups’ Outfits; ON

— Prove Blood Splatter — OFF

— Eliminate Others’ Outcomes — ON

● Fixed the UI displaying attention and Favor from the Amnity mini-game so it changes position when the text is more.

● Shai’s Straightforward Alchemy and simple Cooking occasions are now identical to additional courses.

● Fixed a problem where ability effects would vanish after playing the game for an extended time period.

● Fixed a problem where the usage of Advice of Valks would lock a character’s movement entirely in some specific scenarios.

● New warnings are added when utilizing Guild Payouts on Platform Certain servers. .

● Corrected minor visual difficulties with all the icons when locking gear.

● Fixed a problem with all the Lahn’s Splat Fisher’s Clothes Place [7 times ] in which it might enter your Pearl Inventory rather than the normal stock.

● Fixed a problem in which in some specific cases, the Camera wouldn’t emphasize specific parts of outfits.

● Fixed the problem in which the voice chat option was exhibited on the guild form list when enrolling the guild description

● Fixed a problem where particular Costume Sets would reveal wrongly on a personality.

● Particular phrases in-game are altered to clean up any mistakes.

● Particular unnatural environments have been altered.

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