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Black Desert Online Update 1.44

Black Desert Online Update 1.44

Black Desert Online Update 1.44

Pearl Abyss is running maintenance on the Dark Desert online servers for consoles now, and as an element of it, the Dark Desert Online upgrade 1.44 June 10 patch was rolled out!

Here is the maintenance program:

While there is no official patch notes published yet however, that the dev team did launch a record of”fixed problems” for now. Be aware that these modifications will be contained in the patch notes, even though we are assuming will not incorporate the gameplay-related equilibrium varies.

Thanks for playing Dark Desert console. We constantly strive to provide the very best possible experience for our gamers, but sometimes we detect problems that surfaced through our QA procedure. Below is a matter of currently known problems in Black Desert:

Kamasylve Tree Won’t leave properly when shooting the Old Moon Sky Balloon from Calpheon into Kamasylvia

There’s a known issue in which the range of Guild Members is wrongly shown on the Guild Information and Guild Member Status pages once you visit a stage specific server. It is only going to show the guild members who share your system.

There’s an issue in which in certain conditions, you can’t input your own residence.

There’s an issue where particular horse costumes don’t look properly when mounting are attached to your wagon.

There’s an issue in which in some scenarios, infant elephants can’t be tamed.

There’s an issue where throughout node wars, it’s now not feasible to use the two-seater work on a horse using the ability available.

There’s an issue where utilizing Death Line Chase to proceed backward while Shield Chase III is on cooldown with Shield Chase causes weapon and ability used to be unnatural.

There’s an issue where it’s not possible to be invited to some celebration, platoon or guild from PS servers.
There’s a known problem where particular Pearl Things does not show properly on your stock, storage, etc..

There’s a known problem where when fixing maximum durability, things which have less than complete max. Durability have their names shown in Korean.

There’s a known problem in the Dark Desert+ program where the Central Market alarms Aren’t functioning as planned [EU/ASIA just ]

The crafting notes work has been temporarily disabled. The yield of this function is going to be declared via patch notes in a subsequent date.

There’s an issue at which the herb brewing mini-game is not capable to be performed as planned.


There’s an issue in which if a finished guild assignment times out, it’s not possible to end/complete it.

There’s an issue where guild bonus payouts can’t be distinguished each member, instead all members get the identical quantity.

There’s an problem where Guild Officers can’t renew the contracts of frequent guild members.

There’s an issue at which the horse ability mini-game tooltip incorrectly shows the left analog stick instead of O/X.

There’s an issue at which the mini-game UI wrongly exhibits an O Rather than X at These mini-games:

There’s an issue at which the lake nearby Bree Tree Ruins is adorned for the water festival on Xbox only.

There’s an issue in which in some scenarios, abilities that pull critters may push your personality back.

There’s an issue in which in some scenarios, the”Estimated Work Time” to get a employee is wrongly displayed in the Handle Work window. After a worker begins a job, the Estimated Work Time will probably be properly shown.

There’s an issue where particular Horse Gear things at the Pearl Shop don’t exhibit the right preview.

There’s an issue where the remaining period of this Golden Bell buff isn’t shown properly.

— it’s possible to look at the true time by pressing on the View Details button.

There’s an issue where Aakman guild assignment advancement isn’t relied upon beating the goal creature.

There’s an issue at which the Calpheon City Sub Quest, “Come Out, Come Out, Where You Are” can now not be finished since the NPC is presently missing.

There’s a known problem where T3 and T4 horses aren’t emerging in the wild.

There’s an issue at which the tooltip for your Shai’s’Time to Shine!’ Skill’s tooltip was wrongly changed. The result hasn’t altered along with the tooltip will probably be altered at the next upgrade to properly reflect the ability’s effects.

There’s an issue in which in some scenarios, Professional Goblin employees can’t be enrolled on the employee market.

There’s an issue where connections don’t open in a new window correctly.

There’s an issue where Alchemy Stones does not stay auto-activated after expiring in some specific conditions.

Cannonballs which were crafted aren’t affected by this matter.

There’s an issue where certain data doesn’t appear properly from the Imperial Crafting Delivery UI for Spanish and French.

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