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Borderlands 3 Guns Major Issues With Lovecraft’s Work

Borderlands 3 Guns Major Issues With Lovecraft's Work

Borderlands 3 Guns Major Issues With Lovecraft’s Work

To leap straight back into Gearbox’s latest entry in its own first-person loot shooter franchise, seeing as I had not found an chance to do so since writing GameSpot’s Borderlands 3 review. The franchise has typically had a good track record when it comes to post-launch effort expansions after allso I figured,”Why not?”

It is the DLC’s portrayal of black folks that irks me the most, largely due to the franchise’s style of storytelling. Borderlands games traditionally investigate theories or pieces of pop culture through sarcasm, satire, or lively homage. Gearbox takes something that already exists and adjusts it to match its design of irreverent Borderlands mayhem.

When this procedure works, it really works. By way of instance, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep from Borderlands 2, which directs you on a tabletop RPG adventure that riffs on Dungeons & Dragons, is a fun DLC, both in terms of theme and gameplay.

Guns, Love, and Tentacles is a Lovecraft-themed DLC, comprising certain aspects of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories and the Cthulhu Mythos as the backdrop to the overall narrative. Regrettably, what makes the DLC feel more adaptive than interpretive is in the way that it treats Sir Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs, the two characters who are in the center of Guns, Love, and Tentacles. The DLC is all about the 2 characters getting married and confronting the unfortunate snag of holding the venue on a planet ruled by a cult. The cult’s leader, Eleanor, deems the couple’s love to be impure and weak and so Wainwright becomes the reluctant host of her husband’s soul –doomed to slowly transform into her beloved unless you opt to do something to block the procedure. Since Hammerlock is left handed a passive bystander for pretty much the whole DLC (he helps you on your quest to save his fiance on only one event ), all the bureau falls into you.

So the story of the DLC is that a lady who is basically an otherworldly witch robs a gay couple of the happy day, queries their connection, and then attempts to fix the”flaw” of the love by changing one of the men into her husband, in order to make a more pure romance.

It all boils down to this: H.P.  This isn’t a case where we need to separate the artist from his art either, as the guy featured his views on people of colour into his literary works. Just look in his poem”On the Creation of Niggers,” which claims that the gods created man and monster and then generated black people as some unexplainable in-between animal.

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His hateful remarks regarding people of colour extend to his tales which protect the occult and cosmic terror too. For instance,”The Horror at Red Hook” describes Brooklyn, a nyc borough using a citizenship mainly composed of colored individuals, as”leporous and cancerous having evil hauled from elder worlds” and the people who live there as”hordes of prowlers” who elicit a”babel of noise and filth.” The third chapter of”The Call of Cthulhu” identifies the murder of this”queer and evil-looking crew

So now, taking a look at the narrative of Guns, Love, and Tentacles, you’ve got to take into consideration how Gearbox has written the black characters–in this instance, Wainwright and Hammerlock–because that’s part of Lovecraft fiction also. And in this way, Gearbox is quite spot-on. Both black men are too useless to assist themselves and have a love that is constantly scrutinized and questioned throughout a majority of the DLC, while the antagonist is”purifying” their love by transforming one of them to her white, heterosexual spouse. If she just falls in love with and marries Wainwright, that could be, in Lovecraft’s eyes, a gross intermixing of the races, so Wainwright must transform into her husband in order for its love to be real. Lots of red flags , but quite Lovecraft.

But if your game will adapt Lovecraft’s tales and incorporate the themes and messages of those stories, then you need to address their problematic parts also.  Guns, Love, and Tentacles is one of those very few situations where Borderlands’ conventional irreverence could have been sharpley utilized to mock Lovecraft’s dreadful views and really address issues with his work, however the DLC makes no effort to do this regardless of the opportunity.

And, of course, in doing so, Guns, Love, and Tentacles take on exactly the same flaws as Lovecraft’s work. The enjoyable bouts of looting and shooting. However, Gearbox’s apparently wilful hand-waving of Lovecraft’s views in Guns, Love, and Tentacles gives the DLC’s story a terrible aftertaste that finally results in a bad campaign expansion for Borderlands 3

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