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Borderlands 3 Patch Notes Update 1.14 

Borderlands 3 Patch Notes Update 1.14 

Borderlands 3 Patch Notes Update 1.14

The upgrade on PlayStation 4 is currently 1,8 GB. The size of this download might fluctuate based upon the stage.

As a result of complications about the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, just German and English voice-overs will be available at launch for Borderlands 3’s third effort add-on Bounty of Blood. Localized subtitles for many supported languages will soon be available at start, and also localized voice-overs will probably be inserted at a later date.

  • Improved the amount cap by 3 to 60
  • Additional 3 New Guardian Rank abilities and Guardian Rank Boost

– Groundbreaker: Melee or even Slam strikes will activate an Aftershock, coping 25% of non-melee harm You’ve dealt within the last 5 minutes
– Dead Man Walking: While perhaps not going for Your Life, your own meter empties 50 percent more gradually.
– Lead or Alive: After you input Fight for Your Life all of your firearms are automatically reloaded


  • Addressed a reported crash which may sometimes occur during the mission”The Family Jewel” at Floodmoor Basin
  • Addressed a documented concern in which the match can become unresponsive following alt-tabbing outside on PC
  • Addressed a reported crash which could occasionally happen when the bunch backed out into the Main Menu


  • Additional Mayhem Level harm scaling into melee, slide and slide
  • Additional Mayhem Level ability damage scaling
  • Additional Mayhem Level pet harm scaling
  • Additional Mayhem Level auto harm scaling
  • Upgraded several passive abilities to correctly respect Mayhem Level harm

The harm sources over now scale their harm in line with the degree of Mayhem you’re in. Every sort of harm is increased uniquely to account for the different abilities and equipment interact with the various sorts of harm. That can be a significant shift and we are going to be tracking the community’s opinions seriously and adapt equipment, abilities, or harm scaling to make sure building diversity yells. To accommodate this scaling, a couple of passive abilities were upgraded to utilize a new sort of harm that prevents them from climbing inappropriately.

Class Mods can now roll extra Bonus Skill Damage. When paired with the foundation Mayhem Degree skill harm scaling, we expect builds centered on abilities to become workable in overdue Mayhem.

  • Additional Mayhem Degrees to Grenade Mods

Grenade Mods fall as weapons perform in Mayhem, together with added damage relative to this Mayhem Level that it had been obtained in.

Mayhem Gear can be gotten from sources of loot from the game. Vending machines, chests, email, assignment benefits, and Loot enemies all have a opportunity to award Mayhem Level firearms and grenades.

As a consequence of this shift, players may notice that Ties That Bind won’t scale correctly with Action Skill harm. This can be a temporary fix which will be addressed in a future upgrade.

  • Vehicles currently scale harm uniformly Rather than only against non-vehicles
  • Addressed a documented concern in which splitscreen players may not scroll through the Mayhem 2.0 modifier listing
  • Addressed a documented concern in which Mayhem Modifier Drone Ranger Healing Drones occasionally failed to replicate position easily for customers
  • Addressed a documented concern at which the tether in the Boundary Issues Mayhem modifier would occasionally persist after enemies expired
  • Addressed a documented concern at which the Mayhem automobile damage scalars occasionally failed to apply when gamers were at gunner chairs
  • Addressed a reported concern in which the Laser Fare Mayhem modifier would occasionally generate fresh laser beams as it required harm
  • Added the capability for DigiClone and Iron Bear to encourage harm scaling


  • Addressed a documented concern that an issue where automobile health would sometimes be cut
  • Nativized Hotfixes


To use hotfixes, wait in the primary menu until you find a indication that states”Hotfixes Applied”! If you’re having any problems or need to give comments, then please submit a ticket to service.2k.com.

We’re taking a look at adjusting producers and weapon types throughout the board to deliver greater parity in the bottom level between firearms. We’re still tracking equilibrium between Legendary equipment but wished to address collections of weapons to increase chances for weapon assembles.

All pistols will observe a small growth with JAKOBS pistols getting the tiniest bulge and MALIWAN pistols getting the greatest. As enemy health spas improved, low mag size weapons such as pistols became popular. The damage growth across all pistols should provide more chances for assembles to equip a pistol to adapt their other weapon options.

We also raised harm of TEDIORE SMG weapons since we thought that the damage in the thrown weapon explosion could be an essential portion of the loop. But, throwing the weapon was faked when compared with shooting enemies along with different SMGs. Now, that the trade-off to projecting at complete magazine versus shooting will probably be dramatic.

COV, DAHL, as well as JAKOBS Assault Rifles were increasing to match a few of those VLADOF Assault Rifles. We’ll appraise VLADOF Assault Rifles at totality after gamers attempt the alterations to another producers .

Ultimately, we raised the harm of our conventional multi-pellet shotguns. A few of those shotguns were underperforming in comparison to fast-firing weapons, so today they’ll pack a greater punch.

These hotfixes are linked especially to this Bounty of Blood effort add-in. To obtain the modifications and avoid seeing one of these issues arise, be certain you have your own hotfixes implemented at the primary menu.

  • Removed two straggler townsfolk Which Were clapping their hands in the Incorrect time
  • Addressed a Possible advancement blocker where FL4K that the Beastmaster was occasionally Not Able to catch a significant ledge
  • Stopped Juno from occasionally getting stuck onto a walkway
  • Addressed cases where cash registers would occasionally float
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