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Borderlands 3 Patch Notes Update 1.16

Borderlands 3 Patch Notes Update 1.16

Borderlands 3 Patch Notes Update 1.16

We’ve got all of the information about this upgrade on September 10.

The size of this download might fluctuate based upon the stage.


  • Additional support for Borderlands 3’s on effort add-on: Psycho Krieg along with the Wonderful Fustercluck
  • Improved the amount cap by five degrees into 65


  • Additional two ammo SDU updates for pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, and grenades and 2 expansion SDU updates for your Lost Loot device on Sanctuary III
  • Addressed a documented concern in which the”Refill Ammo” prompt would last for customers in a multiplayer session
  • Player course icons will now reveal with profile images to get Steam and Epic Games Store PC cross-platform gamers


  • Players will now have a Opportunity to redeem themselves at Fight For The Life when Slayer is busy and They’ve killed an enemy using melee
  • Mayhem modifiers will no longer shift when players connect through matchmaking
  • Additional Mayhem harm scaling support to protects with Nova or Reflect behaviors


  • Amara’s Ties that Bind fortify now just passes gun and melee damages to enemies

Particular kinds of harm were unintentionally being handed to other enemies captured from the Phasegrasp. This change prevents these interactions, but no additional changes are made for this ability.

  • The Beastmaster’s Headcount passive ability no more prevents Rakk Attack from getting the correct number of fees when scoring critical hits
  • The Beastmaster’s Dominance ability will continue to harm monster objectives throughout the ability’s duration
  • The Beastmaster’s St4ckbot course mod does no longer reset its harm pile increase when an enemy takes damage from a dab origin or elemental damage done over the years
  • The Beastmaster’s Friend-Bot course mod currently raises pet harm
  • The Gunner’s Drowning in Brass passive ability now employs bonus harm to both of Iron Bear’s firearms, Instead of Simply the abandoned


To use hotfixes, wait in the primary menu until you find a indication that states”Hotfixes Applied!” If you’re having any problems or need to give comments, then please submit a ticket to service.2k.com.

  • Addressed a reported concern the Legendary Shotgun The Garcia would fire when used by the Customer in multiplayer


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