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Call of Duty YouTuber Shows How to “Drag Scope” With a Controller

Call of Duty YouTuber Shows How to Drag Scope With a Controller

Call of Duty YouTuber Shows How to Drag Scope With a Controller

A Call of Duty YouTuber indicates a potent technique to best your sniping whilst using a control. It is fairly well-known that mouse and keyboard players have more precise controls while control users have the advantage of air assist. However, while sniping, it is hard to utilize the purpose assist to your benefit.

Sniper gamers on the transfer, which is not uncommon, demands a particular technique named Drag Scoping.


Aim Assist does not direct your extent to the enemy participant, it marginally slows you motion because you drag an enemy, almost like if you target an enemy participant, your motion slows down. That is when you hit. Line up your enemy participant and drag a line directly across them. If you are feeling that the extent pull down or slow, that is if you fire.

This will let you proceed at a slightly quicker rate, knowing you are going to be helped to slowdown. So whip across your enemy and then get ready to fire once you find the speed stutter. It takes some time to practice, also is not an ideal solution to all. There’ll be a time and location to use that, so know about the situation around you.

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