Call of the Void Dauntless Update 1.30 Patch Notes

Call of the Void Dauntless Update 1.30 Patch Notes

Call of the Void Dauntless Update 1.30 Patch Notes

Below you’ll find the whole details regarding the telephone of this Empty Update on June 11th.

. Based on the stage, how big this download may vary, as can the individual version numbers.

The brand new update contains a whole lot of new articles and bug fixes.

Client-authoritative dodging is currently live. This may enhance playability for players using higher latency and much more clearly convey when you are invulnerable during a Dodge.

  • Dauntless is currently available in Russian on all platforms except PlayStation 4, that is arriving in a future upgrade.
  • The primary menu was reworked to coincide with the scale of this match we have today, and also to allow for a number of the new features we are going to be releasing later on. Additionally, it is a lot simpler to browse on consoles.

    We are toning down the damage and will be tracking how this really goes to establish if additional tuning is essential.

    Dauntless Patch Notes 1.3.0

    Karma Breaker

    Titan’s Crash currently reaches two fewer secondary goals.

  • Echo Bracedriver mod incentive increased to 10 percent from 5 percent (reimbursement for Karma Breaker DoT nerf).
  • “Surge” capacity is currently less inclined to leave you stuck in a Behemoth.
  • Piercing Flurry
  • Aether Harvester
  • Hammer jump, double jump, and evasive burst VFX currently play properly.
  • Fixed a problem where the hammer’s evasive blast and leaping blasts were more difficult to hit in certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug using Twin Suns repeaters in which detonating the bombs would not apply for the complete length empowerment buff.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Marksman Chamber wouldn’t be shown from the repeaters crafting display even if the participant managed to craft or update it.
  • Fixed a bug where the combo record for repeaters sometimes revealed the wrong buttons.
  • Fixed a bug where hovering over repeater prisms in layout did not exhibit the special passive connected with the prism till it had been outfitted.
  • Axe cries can now break apart dividing projectiles (e.g. lava chunks ).
  • Fixed a problem where the”Special Meter Full” sound would play upon hitting complete meter while at a particular.
  • Amount 1 to 10 weapon updates no longer need Slayer degrees or command.
  • Fixed a problem where the Torgadoro mythical capacity was awarding +50% damage once the target was under 25% health, rather than +25% damage once the target was below 50% health.
  • Fixed a bug that triggered Skraev weapon exceptional impacts VFX to perform forever.
  • Unburrow assault is currently avoidable without dodging.
  • Unburrow attack no more leaves a lava pool when aethercharged.
  • Scorchstone Hellions’ unburrow attack today does less damage.
  • Polished entry/exit of unburrow strike to make it cleaner and clearer.
  • Sidegore attack’s damage window today better matches the cartoon.
  • 270 level tail attacks currently only deals damage together with the tail (no longer head/leg harm ).
  • Fixed a bug that may cause the burrow assault to do double damage.
  • Lightning curse today stops monitoring players soon before shooting lightning, letting you run from the effect region.
  • Tempestborne Stormclaw’s lightning curse today affects all gamers. Frequent Stormclaw’s curse nevertheless impacts just 1 participant.
  • Tempestborne Stormclaw’s teleport pounce today has a much clearer and more consistent telegraph that suggests direction
  • Fixed a bug in which Stormclaws would walk rather than running when seeking to pounce.
  • When disrupted by a pounce, Tempestborne Stormclaw will then be staggered for a lengthier time period.
  • Now you can reflect Stormclaw turbo bolt strikes with the axe unique and repeater secondary flame.
  • Ragetail Gnasher’s aftershock slams now are somewhat more pliable to Dodge.
  • Ragetail Gnasher’s tail swipe strike today only deals damage together with the tail (no longer head/leg harm ).

Pangar’s tail swipe strike today only deals damage together with the tail (no longer head/leg harm ).

Additional an interrupt window into Nayzaga’s slide strike, creating an chance to boop the snoot.

When disrupted from a pounce, Bloodfire Embermane will then be staggered for a lengthier time period.

Improved the crash on Valomyr orbs.

Fixed a bug that enabled Terra procs on Kharabak.

Fixed a bug that enabled shock procs on Drask.

We wish to make it effortless for Slayers to form connections and celebration up together. As a first measure, we spent a while cleaning up places within our present social interactions that tend to confuse players the maximum. We also made some alterations to voice conversation to make it simpler and better to utilize your celebration.

      • New Social Panel UI and artwork.
        – The UI now more certainly shows that buddies are readily available to party up and perform with.
        – It is a lot easier to find out what your friends are doing in the game.
        – It is a lot easier to check if you’ve got your microphone muted or unmuted, and if your voice conversation is enabled. It is possible to also capable to enable/disable voice conversation in the Social Panel.
        – We have added telling breadcrumbing and brighter colour remedies to make it better when you’ve got a brand new party, buddy, or even guild request.
      • Now you can open an interaction menu along with different Slayers from Ramsgate and on your airship lobby. In Ramsgate, if you’re nearby another Slayer, then you are going to observe an interaction button look. During that, a societal choices menu will pop up, which enables you to invite them to a party, add them as a friend, or send them a message. From the airship lobby, then it is possible to pick the following Slayer and pull that exact same social choices menu.
      • Voice chat is currently only between party members.
      • Now you can use chat controls to execute social functions.

        VFX indicators will reveal when you have successfully dodged via an assault.

      • Unlocking an Escalation increase from the Hunt Pass will no longer trigger the increase immediately, and rather make a free store item open to assert if you desire it.
      • Greater health that players get when being restored in searches and escalation, so as to reduce the odds of getting one-shot promptly after being restored.
      • Added a new setting from the Options screen to control if the Objective Tracker HUD is visible or concealed.
      • Altering up your hairstyle, face paint, or cosmetics will display the title of the thing you are arming.
      • When revealing facepaints and hair tints from the Hunt Pass display, your helm will conceal mechanically.
      • Made improvements to the tutorial, command, and crafting displays.
      • Improved UI for remapping control buttons on PC.
      • A lock is currently shown over armour dye areas that are not offered.

        If interacting with an NPC is dependent on finishing a pursuit, their dialog will currently sign how to unlock them.

      • The quests”Luck Be a Lady” and”Weapon of Choice” have already been eliminated.
      • Lantern skills are secured until the”Lighting the Way” pursuit is accepted.

        Improved loading times.

      • Framerate in Ramsgate has become more consistent.
      • Player-owned things will load quickly, preventing instances where your loadout stock would seem wrong when loading into Ramsgate or even the Airship.
      • Reduced CPU use when about other players.
      • Substantially enhanced city functionality on all platforms.
      • Minor performance enhancements on Nintendo Switch.
      • Fixed a bug which may cause the game to crash if the output sound device was eliminated or altered.
      • Fixed several infrequent crashes, such as a crash which could happen if there were not any inbox messages.

        Interacting with all the Hunt Board while still matchmaking currently opens the matchmaking UI.

      • Different improvements to art and objects on islands.
      • Improved the sound for waterfalls.
      • NPCs now have many different context-sensitive greetings as you advance through the sport.
      • New VFX and SFX for breaking from being suspended.

        Cancelling a very long knockdown (e.g. to attack, dodging, with Koshai lantern, etc.) will properly eliminate the invulnerability from being knocked down.

      • Tragic Echo and Prismatic Grace mythical helm unique effects today activate more faithfully.
      • Fixed a bug where players are resistant to the next lightning curse strike in the event that you dodged the initial.
      • Fixed a bug in which low-level staggers (e.g. component breaks) would disrupt high priority staggers (e.g. interrupts, stagger damage).
      • Fixed a bug where players can leave the last stadium in Blaze Escalation.
      • Made improvements to artwork in Shock Escalation.
      • Fixed a bug where Nine Lives and Out Of The Ashes can to proc in precisely the exact same time, consuming equally. Now, just one will activate the very first time you become downed, and another will activate another moment.
      • Fixed a bug that led to shock danger zones to not employ harm.
      • Fixed a bug in which Behemoths could spawn at the top of one another.
      • Fixed a bug that made it feasible to activate Nine Lives when dodging via an assault.
      • Fixed a bug that caused players to sometimes fly into the sky after seeing the coming cinematic.

        Made improvements to the Skyfighter torso armour skin to allow it to function better with additional arm armours.

      • Fixed a bug in which a Slayer’s arms may shrink while sporting the Dustrider’s Coat.
      • Fixed a bug in which beards clipped throughout the Skyfighter Mask.
      • Fixed a bug that resulted in the Arc of Exocrul banner material to be emptied onto a single side.
      • Fixed a bug that may cause some skin to become imperceptible while using the Seismic Soldier torso armour skin onto a female physique.
      • Fixed a bug in which particular armour bits would vanish when utilizing Iceborne or comparable VFX.

        Fixed a bug in which logging to another account or resetting your personality wouldn’t reset your locally monitored objectives from the HUD.

      • Fixed a bug where titles over the players wouldn’t be observable in certain conditions.
      • Fixed a bug in which the very first pursuit directing the participant to talk with Kat Sorrel wouldn’t demonstrate a goal from the Objective Tracker HUD.
      • Fixed a bug in which the Objective Tracker HUD’s second and previous keys couldn’t be reassigned (PC only).
      • Fixed a bug in which Slayers could have a nameplate shown above their mind when it ought to be concealed.
      • Fixed a problem where the daily Hunt Pass collectibles HUD telling in Ramsgate would demonstrate an erroneous amount of collectibles.
      • Fixed a problem where monitored side quests would occasionally not appear at the Objective Tracker HUD after restarting Dauntless consoles.
      • Fixed a bug in which the menu wouldn’t be able to be obtained in the airship lobby on consoles.
      • Fixed a bug which may stop the menu from launching.
      • Fixed a bug in which Mastery advancement and goals did not display properly after personality reset.
      • Fixed a bug in which cores from the center breaker could be imperceptible.
      • Employing the Bloodless cellphone no longer reveals the injured status impact from the UI.
      • Fixed a bug which may cause the UI to become stuck if an image failed to download.
      • Fixed a bug that may prevent buys from finishing.
      • Nameplates will no longer vague the conclusion of Hunt display UI.
      • Fixed a bug that led to the newsletter subscription inbox material to stay in your inbox once you had subscribed.
      • Fixed a bug where not arming mods can lead to an erroneous power amount to be exhibited.
      • Inbox message name text cannot overflow.
      • Fixed a bug in which alarms for asserting completed bounties would vanish when returning to Ramsgate.

        Fixed a bug in which characters can become stuck inside their decreasing cartoon.

      • Fixed a sound bug in which the Bosun did not welcome fresh Slayers into Ramsgate.
      • Fixed a bug that may cause specific sounds to not play islands.
      • Fixed a bug on Nintendo Switch where buys occasionally did not appear until later reloading the match.
      • Minor artwork fixes on the Blaze Escalation island series.
      • Fixed a bug in which inbox messages which shouldn’t be deletable could be.
      • Fixed a bug where party members got left in Ramsgate when they had been loading when the leader departed.
      • Fixed a variety of areas where gamers got stuck.
      • Fixed a bug that caused bud to suddenly pop into life.
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