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Castle Pals Trophies and Achievements List

Castle Pals Trophies and Achievements List

Castle Pals Trophies and Achievements List

From the activity experience Castle Pals it is possible to unlock a total of 12 decorations. Inside this Trophy Guide we show you all of the decorations and their actions.

Below you will find all the decorations, in addition to hints, tactics and ideas. You will surely find everything regarding the decorations here! First you’ll get a table using a brief summary. Secondly you find a thorough list of trophies, descriptions, Trophy Guides and much more!

More Guides and News about Castle Pals you’ll discover on our review page. Orange marked decorations are connected with another and in depth manual!

Trophies List Castle Pals

Estimated time for platinum:
Full Trophies: 12 (1,11,0,0)
Offline decorations:
Online prizes:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs

This manual is under construction — it’ll continue shortly!


Castle Pals Trophy Guide

  • Platinum Pals
    Get the other decorations.
  • It Is Kylee Time
    Complete a degree with Kylee.
  • It Is Owen Time
    Complete a degree with Owen.
  • It is Blue
    Locate the Blue Gem.
  • It is Red
    Locate the Red Gem.
  • Half Way Act 1
    End Act 1 — Level 6.
  • First Act
    End Act 1.
  • Half Way Act two
    End Act 2 — Level 6.
  • Time to Retry
    Die on any degree.
  • I have gold!
    Get gold dent on any amount.
  • Double Gold
    Get gold dent on two degrees.
  • Fourfold Gold
    Get gold dent on 4 degrees.
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