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Civilization 6 Update Version 1.04 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch)

Civilization 6 Update Version

Civilization 6 Update Version 1.04 Full Patch Notes PS4 Xbox One PC Switch

Here are the complete patch notes for this upgrade.

The newest upgrade for Civilization 6 implements several bug fixes and simplifies a number of those exploits which were found from the players. It’s possible to get full Civilization 6 upgrade 1.04 patch notes beneath.

  • Upcoming
    • Working on updates to Maya and Gran Colombia predicated upon opinions from several resources, reddit contained
  • Exploits Fixed
    • Removed ability to select numerous pantheons, generating several bonuses
    • Removed exploit for battle strength/movement points from updating near good overall
    • Removed exploit that enables free policy shift after finishing a civic
    • Removed harness allowing several copies of the identical district in one town
  • Upgrades
    • Should you pollute as a mad-man or kill all civs to reach a diplo victory, it is going to be less powerful
      • Increasing favor punishment on surplus contamination
      • New favor punishment for gamers that possess foreign capitals
      • Diplomatic success resolution is only going to eliminate 2 victory points, not 3
      • Factors are now counted at the beginning of the twist so that you may no more win with points you would really lose in world congress
    • Palenque is presently a Mayan town. The city-state has been renamed to Mitla
    • A few UI changes, such as text-size Possibilities for discussion panel, page background for civilopedia, and also the capability to resize the provides and stock panels through diplomacy
    • Cities today reveal the real production cost for components and upkeep — foundation prices can Nevertheless Be seen in civilopedia
  • Gathering Storm equilibrium varies
    • Over 12 spiritual beliefs”tweaked” to supply”balanced and interesting options since your faith evolves”
      • A few stronger, some weaker, some fresh
      • Warrior Monks — Nevertheless provides components, now enable sacred sites to civilization bomb adjoining tiles whenever they complete building
      • Dar-e-merh construction is currently resistant to natural disasters
      • New Sacred Places Belief: Faithful cities with world wonders today get More science, culture, religion, and stone
    • Yosemite & Eye of Sahara: Base return to align their abilities together with another All-natural wonders
  • Community updates moving forward will provide a new attribute
    • May Be a new situation, free game style, or a way to customize your installation
    • PC Players: Red Death, Season 2
      • Zombies (headed by a brain in a jar, able to make new zombies by murdering a non-zombie in battle, take damage every turn)
      • Aliens (arrived into the planet to overthrow it, have a cloaking ability Which Allows a sneak attack)
      • Every faction (such as season 1) have their own skills
      • Sean Bean has become narrating Red Death
      • Observer mode additional
      • Kick Voting additional
  • From the coming months expect new attributes, balance tweaks, upgrades
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