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COD Mobile Season 9 Update Patch Notes

COD Mobile Season 9 Update Patch Notes

COD Mobile Season 9 Update Patch Notes

Season 9 at COD Mobile has begun, and the cellular app was updated to coincide with the start. Within this guide we would like to reveal what new content there’s using all the COD Mobile Season 9 Patch.

The upgrade brings the Gunsmith along with other new content and enhancements.

The Gunsmith process is here!
Players can pick from over a hundred attachments to personalize their weapons! Update your favourite weapon using new visual and operational upgrades for an entirely distinctive experience.

  • Every weapon includes around nine attachment slots along with over 50 weapon and attachments perks accessible
  • Earn attachments by updating your weapon degree.
  • Legendary and Epic firearms are currently Blueprints. Blueprints are variations of the foundation weapons which come with assorted decorative differences in addition to curated pre-equipped attachments. These attachments are pre-equipped on every particular routine without having to level up the foundation weapon to unlock them.
  • Unusual and Unusual weapons are now camo options Which Can Be outfitted on foundation weapons
  • Maximum weapon amount is shared across all of unlocked firearms and Blueprints of this kind. No longer needing to degree each and every weapon you get!
  • Show off your Personal style with stickers, charms, articles, and printable camos
  • Save your recently constructed weapon as a customized weapon to equip on your Loadouts
  • Too complex? Try out the suggested patterns. Players can observe the shifting stats while changing weapons. Weapon stats reflect the real performance of the weapon

New rated mode seasonal rewards

  • A deadly lightweight marksman rifle which may take the enemy down in one-shot
  • A manual operated protected turret Which Can Be deployed on many surfaces

New Event Benefits

New challenges and assignments with new rewards

  • New Lethal gear: Thermite.

New map

  • Dash through freight containers within this action-packed fan favorite.


  • Coaching Mode — Movable aims and fresh challenge added
  • Domination — Catch progress will melt when gamers aren’t at the aim area.
  • Domination — Tunisia was eliminated from Domination map listing on normal MP
  • Domination — Meltdown has been removed out of Domination map listing on rated MP
  • Hardpoint — The following hardpoint in Hardpoint style will be displayed on a map, but Cannot Be captured until It’s unlocked

Together with the newest Gunsmith system, all weapons in Battle Royale currently carry out the like their Multiplayer variations. Players may change and personalize their weapon in Battle Royale loadout and get them out of airdrops. Search for brand-new weapons on the battle with assorted attachments and styles.

New airdrop

  • Players can now obtain loadout personalized weapons from airdrop. Each airdrop lets four players to select among the personalized weapons in their own loadouts. (one weapon each player/per airdrop)

New Weapons

  • New Battle Royale weapons of rarities added. The more complicated the rarity, the greater attachments. Attachments Can’t be dropped or outfitted to a different weapon

New Attachments

  • Augment your Battle Royale firearms with Gun Mods. Gun Mods could be dropped or outfitted to other weapons

New Things

  • Utilize armor plates to Fix your vest
  • Ammo types now fit to corresponding weapon course


  • Increased Death Machine long-term harm, marginally increased fire speed, improved spin up time following proceeding.
  • Greater Sparrow drawing rate. Higher range when drawing Sparrow back to get a shorter quantity of time.
  • Improved War Machine’s grenades field of effect. Decreased damage on participant utilizing War Machine. Optimized animation.
  • Reduced Annihilator reloading rate after shooting. Slightly diminished fire speed.
  • Molotov Cocktail has become lethal gear.
  • Significantly enhanced Molotov Cocktail damage.
  • Katana’s title and version upgraded.
  • Deploying Stealth Chopper and Cluster Strike will trigger a one time UAV map scan and show current areas of enemies.
  • Optimized reloading animation
  • Optimized shooting animation
  • Optimized visuals and behaviour of laser sight attachments
  • Optimized bolt pulling cartoon of bolt-action sniper rifles
  • Extended time limitation to team filling at the middle of a rated multiplayer game
  • Fixed a problem where the SMRS War Machine could shoot through walls
  • Fixed a problem that UAV reveals enemy motion Rather than the current place
  • Fix a problem with incorrect versions in Strike of the Undead

Battle Royale

  • Poltergeist: Improved invisibility for your first two weeks after sparking Active Camo, Irrespective of space
  • Trap Master: Reduced Electric Trip Wire’s harm and impact on the enemy’s movement rate
  • The first secure zone appears sooner in the game and fall slower. Players have more hours to reach the very first safe zone
  • Optimized water visual impact. Water Reflection readily available in”Very High” image quality.
  • Reduced tank side armor. Adjusted tank shooting trajectory
  • Area titles are observable whilst leaping. Regions with greater loot are exhibited with orange titles
  • Optimized character motion cartoon
  • Optimized ladder scaling animation
  • Optimized player cartoons when going along walls
  • Optimized armor and health UI
  • New opening cartoon on the jump airplane
  • New armor penetration opinions
  • New jump airplane audio indicators
  • Fixed a problem where thing models would vanish occasionally
  • Fixed a problem where gunfire indicator are the wrong direction on a compass
  • Fixed a problem where sound would cut out

Ranked Matches

  • Optimized game report details
  • Participants in position protection lose fewer position points following a reduction
  • New squad perspective when loading into a game
  • New game report UI
  • New animation for attaining each higher position after Guru I
  • Fixed a problem where players at rank protection were known as lesser position


  • Players can unlock many weapons, perks, Operator abilities and Sorestreaks before degree 55.
  • Gamers may have up to Ten Loadouts in Multiplayer. Loadouts 1-5 are unlocked instantly.
  • All new participant level benefits will be unlocked after updating to the new edition.
  • Players can see advocated events and maintain rewards before beginning a game
  • Players can exhibit calling cards, cards and emote in Multiplayer and Battle Royale group lobbies
  • Calling cards may be configured in match HUD in Control Layouts in Settings menu
  • Most event benefits will be maintained automatically during following game report
  • New after game sharing and summary UI to get Battle Royale winners
  • Optimized in-game HUD
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