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Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Update 1.62 Patch Notes 2.0

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Update 1.62 Patch Notes 2.0

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Update 1.62 Patch Notes 2.0

Funcom Now Published the Amazing Isle of Sipath Update to Get Conan Exiles. We’ll have all appropriate details regarding Patch 2.0 on September 15th.

The patch will look for the PC version , the consoles will probably need to be individual.

Purification system overhaul!

We’ve reworked how building bits and clothes impact your personality ecological security, and improved how temperature changes are relayed to you on display. Gone would be the soothing enthusiast and insulating material and temperature defense stats, and in turn Heating and Cold protections and fans. To find out more about how this works, browse here!

We’ve normalized expertise and collecting gains throughout the board, and which makes them function as the default. For how this impacts youpersonally, possibly if you perform solo, in a formal host or operate your very own private server, read here!

We’re altering how recovery things are consumed and operate to create combat more visceral and your activities more deliberate. PVP server configurations also have undergone a facelift, with new customization options, in addition to a fresh Dynamic Building Damage placing to personalize offline raiding, or disable it entirely!
For how this impacts youpersonally, possibly if you perform solo, in a formal host or operate your very own private server, read here!

Isle of Siptah is Undoubtedly the greatest addition to Conan Exiles thus far. You will have an entirely new universe to explorenew legends to detect new enemies to conquer — and a totally revamped endgame, including surges of magical, island vaults along with also a new environmental challenge: the Maelstrom.
Contained in this growth is the newest Isle of Siptah, a location filled with challenges and articles to you and your buddies to detect. Two brand new construction sets are also contained: Flotsam and Stormglass. 3 brand new armor sets and brand new weapons, in addition to the new rhino bracket that will enable you to ride and tame a powerful new bracket: the rhino!
For a complete description of exactly what this DLC expansion comprises, have a look at the Steam store webpage! 7
Accessibility to these new attributes requires possessing the Isle of Siptah growth DLC.



  • Purification system overhaul!
  • New PVP configurations!
  • Many faucet repairs!
  • Increased loading times when linking to a host.
  • Added a range of server side and client side optimizations, particularly in relation to this construction system.
  • Fixed a performance problem whilst enjoying with the intro cut-scene on particular AMD hardware.


Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed quite a few exploits that would permit a fast series of strikes under certain conditions.
  • Fixed quite a few exploits that would enable players to possess infinite stamina.
  • Fixed a problem that will enable stacking bonuses on thralls.
  • Fixed a variety of false positives from the anti-undermesh steps. This is a feature now in testing just on Testlive official servers.
  • Fixed a range of accidental places where gamers can assemble.
    — A completely different map filled with articles, points of interest, crafting substances, fiends and secrets .
    — New construction (Flotsam and Stormglass), 3 craftable armor places and new weapons.
    — New endgame game mechanisms, like the Surge, Elder Vaults and Sigil for you and your clan to encounter and experience.
    — Rhino saddle, letting you tame and ride a powerful new mount.
  • Temperature program overhaul.

    — Additional indicators to get a better representation of temperature affects in-game.
    — Removed soothing enthusiast, and simplified temperature de-buffs. They are now able to be adjusted per every day. When permitted, buildings can only be ruined so long as the building owner (clan or person ) is online or after a particular interval when logging off.

  • Added a fresh choices in sport settings to disable camera shake.

Crafting Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where incentive recipes supplied by blacksmith and carpenter Thralls weren’t accessible crafting channels.

AI & Thrall Fixing

  • Horses will become aggressive towards everything under certain conditions. We stated neigh to this.
  • Fixed a problem where followers’ chase and assault spaces are flashed upon session restart.
  • Followers shouldn’t longer teleport within the map geometry once the participant is scaling a surface.
  • Particular enemy NPCs at the Dagon dungeon and Midnight Grove can no more harm different NPCs using their AoE attacks.
  • Fixed lots of staying hate list problems with planet NPCs.
  • Fixed a problem where thralls could get stuck shifting weapons.
  • Fixed a problem where scouting thralls may be ruined in accidental scenarios.

Balance Upgrades

  • Journey Measures today provide less expertise.
  • Combat and amassing now provide more expertise and tools.
  • Removed heritage healing effects from food and beverages. You may just cure today with devoted recovery items and potions.
  • Aloe Potions (potions) and Wraps (bandages) both today have cartoon requirements due to their gameplay impacts to activate.
  • Potions finally have a brief cartoon prior to their result is triggered and bandages have their own influence implemented continuously.
  • Being sexy will raise your thirst-rate and in Unbelievably Sexy, you are going to begin taking damage over time and also have a Stamina-cost penalty in your own actions.
  • Being cold will raise your hunger-rate and in Extremely Cold, you’re going to begin taking damage over time and endure a Stamina-cost penalty in your own actions.

QOL Improvements

  • Things can now be utilized while put in containers.

General Bugfixes

  • Fixed a problem that would lead to fever resistances from building bits not to be re-applied after a server restart, which might result in player characters passing on logging into. Yes, eventually.
  • Fixed a problem in which more than 1 avatar may be summoned at the same time.
  • Pet versions in animal pencils should no more change places and vanish after reloading the region.
  • Player characters shouldn’t longer be in a position to be murdered while teleporting.
  • Removed calming buff.

Cartoon and Cinematic Fixes

  • Particular big enemies and directors would flinch hysterically when being struck.
  • Fixed a problem with all the horse dismounting cartoon.
  • Fixed lots of problems with riding animations.

UI & Text Fixes

  • Friends list must now be available with a control or arrow keys.
  • Additional new PVP configurations and sliders into the Settings menu, under the tab.


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