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Conan Exiles PC Hotfix Patch Update 2.0.2

Conan Exiles PC Hotfix Patch Update 2.0.2

Conan Exiles PC Hotfix Patch Update 2.0.2

Funcom introduced another hotfix to get Conan Exiles now, September 21. You may find all the details about this upgrade below.

This hotfix patch fixes many bugs in the sport, functionality, stability, exploits and a whole lot more.


Performance and Effectiveness

  • Fixed quite a few host crashes regarding the multimap operation.
  • Fixed a range of connectivity associated server crashes.
  • Fixed a range of customer crashes. It’s triggered in Testlive servers in which we will keep on collecting comments and telemetry to refine it.
  • Improved network security attributes on dedicated servers.

Construction and Placeable Fixing

  • Beam of light Wouldn’t look after crafting a Focus Altars within the Leyshrines.

Combat Fixing

  • Fixed a problem where charging using a bracket could deal damage in accidental scenarios.

AI and Thrall Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with Surge waves being recorded in inconsistent Purchase.
  • Addressed numerous inconsistencies that would lead to confusion in relation to the rhino bracket system.
  • Change the highland blossoms and berries to provide a 100 percent opportunity to craft a Grey Rhino when utilized as food in an animal pen.
  • Savage Grey Rhino, Killer Grey Rhino, and Purebred Grey Rhino now need Sea Salted Fodder to manage

Balance Upgrades

  • Improved recovery Quantity and length on meals recovery, but now rests on harm. Players get double the recovery per tick on thing usage, and multiply the length. This causes a roughly 4 times growth a food item consumed.
  • Fixed a problem where emotes would disrupt recovery cartoons.
  • Fixed a feel issue with Stormglass doorways and gateways.

Auido Fixing

  • Wild Surges do less BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. We left it a little more baaaam instead. #notthezimmerhornbuthey
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