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Crossbow Rework Dead Cells Patch Notes 1.9.2

Crossbow Rework Dead Cells Patch Notes 1.9.2

Crossbow Rework Dead Cells Patch Notes 1.9.2

Important features

— Main fire its on frozen targets– The secondary fire shoots a volley of arrows at the atmosphere that rain roots and down goals.
— New management feels better, but comments would be super appreciated.
— Improved range, projectile rate and damages of primary fire
— Slightly increased cost speed and retrieval of secondary fire
— Slightly decreased harm of secondary flame


  • Community proposal Improved chance of viewing all sorts of loot when choosing a class in the retailer.
  • Community proposal Wings of the Crow cooldown increased (notice that the product still needs work and we have not determined which directions we ought to proceed yet).
  • Community suggestion Ban bonus harm to immobilized and shocked enemies on things inflicting the immobilized and shocked effects.
  • Community suggestion After opinions on the previous patch:
    — Enemies do much more harm in second and first biomes.– First Boss wellness was diminished but damage was increased.
    — Giant’s Hands has a little more health.
    — End match enemies have a little more wellness (Castle along with the spoiler biome) (BC3+)
  • Community suggestion Damage cap of Conjonctivius’ tentacles and Giant’s Hand are increased to make the battle a little more honest when wielding weapons that are slow.
  • Librarian doesn’t harm: its function was supposed to teach you that the Boss pattern, to not function as”streak ender” he’s become.
  • Adjusted the equipment level of this complimentary amulet in the beginning:– BC2: Level IV (1 scroll)
    — BC3: Level VI (two scrolls)
    — BC4: Level VII (two scrolls)
  • Community proposal Forbid”3 ammo” affix on Repeater Crossbow


Graphics & UI

  • Community suggestion Enhanced screen of back from the description of two-handed firearms.

Quality of existence

  • Community proposal when Choosing an amulet and sporting the Prisonner’s Collar, the option UI is no longer displayed and the Prisonner’s Collar is immediatly replaced.

Music & Sfx

  • The Bad Seed Added some lost SFX on Jerkshrooms and Mushroom Boi.
  • Removed the arbitrary pitch variant for Repeater rapid-fire SFX.

Bug fixes

  • The Bad Seed Frozen holes occasionally appearing in the walls of this Arboretum.
  • Fixed Knives Thrower occasionally dancing undecided on the place.
  • Fixed Rampager occasionally attacking without warning when departing invisibility.
  • Fixed the Tentacle Whip dash shifting direction when swapping things. How can you found this one men?!
  • Fixed Fragment of the Philosopher’s Stone falling from nearly every enemies at a level occasionally.
  • Fixed being able to replicate War Javelin by abusing ZDoors.
  • Fixed Crusher and Wolf snare not tripping”on ruin” affixes.
  • Fixed War Javelin teleport letting you skip bosses. Sorry speedrunners, this one was too simple…
  • Fixed the backdrop of this Clockroom being green.
  • Fixed multiple crashes.
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