Dark Souls 3 Mods Turns the Game Into a First-Person Shooter

Dark Souls 3 Mods Turns the Game Into a First Person Shooter

Dark Souls 3 Mods Turns the Game Into a First Person Shooter

Ever wanted to play Black Souls 3 into first-person? What about with firearms? Not the latter one, but that has not stopped the committed users of this mod community by doing exactly that as the combo of a few Dark Souls 3 mods does exactly that.

The mod which introduced at the conclusion of last month known as”Modern Firearm” additional a arsenal of firearms to substitute crossbows and other weaponry in Black Souls 3. It’s here where another present mod comes from, turning Black Souls 3 to a first-person shot. A brief presentation of this was supplied by Zulie, the inventor of the very first person mod found this earlier today.


It really does not seem as awful as we envisioned it, although the animations are a little rough. Nothing that can not be fixed down the street. If you’re thinking about trying out this yourself, it’s possible to download the mods with the hyperlinks below.

Video of this gun mod is also viewed here:

On a related topic with Dark Souls and Mods, make certain to check out the Roguelike Souls mod we composed a week abo about that provides a fresh pursuit line together with quite a few qualities to produce Dark Souls much more roguelike.

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