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Dauntless Patch Notes Update 1.33

Dauntless Patch Notes Update 1.33

Dauntless Patch Notes Update 1.33

Below you’ll find the whole details regarding the call of this Empty Update on July 30th.

Based on the stage, how big this download may vary, as can the individual version numbers.

Ramsgate was reborn — and it is grander than ever before.

The sword was fully reforged with new movements, new mods, along with also an all-new Valour system. Together with elastic combos which allow you to dash, slash, throw projectiles, and fall damaging AoE, this weapon could take on virtually anything.

Complete bounties and make Hunt Pass XP to progress your own pass and unlock new benefits, such as two new collections of armour (Freelancer and Wayfinder) and also transmogs for every single weapon.

Upgraded move: The portal train better move today leaves more pools. Corruption pools today fire corruption projectiles in the participant.


  • Adjusted thrash movement priority on Thraxes so that solo gamers will see more thrash strikes while mounted. Improved Thrax sound.
  • Fixed a bug in which Thrax wouldn’t play its battle entry, rather remaining concealed.
  • Fixed a bug in which Thrax would nevertheless occasionally disappear through the portal site train.

    Additional an interrupt window along with fresh stagger cartoon to Razorwing Kharabak’s dash twist attack.

  • Decreased the number of strikes necessary to clear that a swarm by 50 percent.
  • Reduced the amount of projectiles Kharabak may throw once in both regular and aether-charged state.

    Slowed down the windup onto Quillshot’s slide gliding forward assault to make it even more readable.

  • Left and right tusks now split independently, rather than at precisely the exact same moment.
  • Fixed a bug in which breaking the tusks onto a version of Quillshot would not make them vanish.
  • Added more teleport VFX if teleporting into a participant position.
  • Additional a damage threshold disrupt window when getting enraged.

    Additional an interrupt window along with fresh stagger cartoon to Riftstalker’s anger twist loops.

  • Riftstalker’s portal site VFX are more readable and more exactly timed.

    Reduced range and length of harm on Winterhorn Skraev’s turning hop strike.

  • Skraev’s ice wall assault strikes Slayers more faithfully.

    Greater interruption windows on most of glide strikes to create interrupts more dependable.

  • Reduced turn warping on leap slam attacks.

    They are fluffier now.

  • Reduced twist warping on Gnasher’s tail hit attack.

    Higher damage place during mount-jet-spawning slap strikes.

    Fixed a bug in which Nayzaga could not be disrupted during a portal site slide.

    Fixed a bug in which Rezakiri would shine completely white when entering its own aether-charged state.

    Greater time between aether-charged (protected ) states.

    Fixed a bug in which Behemoths would put in anger more often than planned, particularly in Escalations.

  • Fixed a bug in which Behemoth animations could occasionally become jerky.

    New exceptional effect: after billed, your next attack puts a frost brand which copes 2,000 harm after 30 minutes. Slayers can ruin the new, prematurely detonating it to get 50% increased harm. Fees every 90 minutes.

    Pangar prism is currently available for repeaters.

  • Currently-equipped weapon components are more visible in the crafting menu.

    Fixed a bug where shooting a minimal excellent shot in the Godhand would create the following shot behave like a very low quality one regardless of true quality.

    Fixed a bug in which Furious Axecore did not eliminate resolve from perfectly-charged strikes.

    Fixed a bug in which pruning inputs in the conclusion of this Malkarion legendary capacity can cause improper animations.

  • Improved Thrax legendary power sound.
  • Fixed a bug in which Riftstalker weapon shadow orbs could seem to be drifting in arbitrary areas.

    In 1.3.0. As part of this repair, we determined it should end if you can cancel your stagger by walking from it. Well, this was feel quite awful. So today, you simply lose your invulnerability once you perform cancel your stagger. But in the event that you simply take your hands off the control, you stay invulnerable until your personality completely finishes standing up.


    New amps:
    Stepping to a saltwater pool absorbs it, granting +15% attack rate, harm, and motion speed for 10 minutes. On lantern tap, input Radiant type, and cure nearby players to get a proportion of your damage dealt. Cancelling Radiant with a different kind produces a healing explosion. Umbral form will also burst for harm when cancelled by a different kind.

  • New mod: Planar Voyage opens a gateway into the Umbral kingdom, where you are able to amass umbral motes which give 10% bonus harm to your entire team for a brief interval for every mote accumulated.
  • The Styxian mod was re-added.
  • Squad Goals and Mender’s Donation will no more look in amp choice when playing solo.
  • Bonds of Corruption amp currently provides 15% bonus damage per enraged Behemoth, and 5 percent bonus lifesteal each aether-charged Behemoth.
  • Hellions can’t spawn with all the Danger Zone mod.
  • Airstrike Beacon is currently usable in Umbral Escalation.
  • Improved collision, bounds, and ecological consequences in Umbral Escalation.
  • Torrent Shield and Medic +6 perks come back to their whole amount of protecting whenever they’re refreshed.
  • Increased camera targeting in regions with several enemies.
  • Added a tutorial to get Bounty Tokens.
  • Improved general combat sound.

    All displays in the airship lobby today demonstrate the countdown timer — no longer surprise departures while shifting equipment!

  • Now you can draft bounties while going to the Training Grounds.
  • Inspect Player is currently refundable on PC.
  • If a pursuit objective is on another island, a pursuit and compass mark will point into the search board to indicate which you will need to travel to finish it.
  • Now you can eliminate event quests in the pursuit tracker.
  • When a pursuit requires you to update a product, a pursuit marker will appear over the NPC, and also the ideal objects will be marked from the UI.
  • The conclusion of the Hunt display’s development changes are no more an offensive glowing green.
  • Changed the display of harm amounts from the Drask Lantern Hold capability to reveal one big amount per part hit instead of multiple tiny ones around precisely the exact same part.
  • Quests that ask that you visit the Training Grounds or even Ramsgate have HUD indicators which direct one to the traveling stage.
  • Slightly reduced loading times.
  • Enriched matchmaking from and to Ramsgate/the Training Grounds.
  • Improved how island information is downloaded.
  • Fixed quite a few infrequent crashes.
  • Any tutorials you’ve finished are now available from the Journal.

    Fixed a bug in which players had hardly any health after being restored.

  • Fixed a bug at Escalation in which Slayers were not allowed rewards over shared rarity before the last round.
  • Fixed a bug in which dodging could not be buffered through an attack cartoon.
  • Smollusks can no more be imperceptible.
  • Employing a time to recuperate from becoming downed can no more block other players from utilizing other vents.
  • Aether vents will only show the interaction instant if it’s likely to interact together.
  • Fixed a bug in which the From The Ashes Glass can make you permanently invulnerable.

    The participant inbox can’t crash if there aren’t any messages inside.

  • Fixed lots of bugs which caused breadcrumbs to show incorrectly.
  • Fixed a variety of bugs with the pursuit tracker.
  • Fixed a bug in which a failed retry vote Trials could enable you to get stuck rather than returning to Ramsgate.
  • Carefully placing the lantern button to LB no more unbinds the legendary power button.
  • Fixed a bug that revealed replicate armour entrances if you bought a pair of armour in the Vault but owned parts of it.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the Returning to Ramsgate counter for stuck in zero seconds.
  • Torgadoro weapons, Thrax banner regular, Thrax sigil, Thrax lantern, and crowns finally have the appropriate rarity.
  • Empty panels are no longer shown if no transmit is available for a product.
  • Fixed a bug in which Mastery notifications could be displayed multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Threat Rating showed for a number of Behemoths was wrong.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Escalation increase reward wouldn’t show properly when asserting Hunt Pass benefits.
  • Fixed a bug in which the text revealed in conversation when reaching the last Escalation arena revealed the incorrect element.
  • Fixed a bug in which tutorials and diary entries showed the incorrect button.
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect image was displayed on the Danger Meter tutorial display.
  • Fixed a bug where camera shake looked wrongly under high latency.
  • Fixed a bug where’Q to socialize’ did not operate in Ramsgate.
  • Fixed a bug in which a succession of subtitles would occasionally disappear too soon.
  • Fixed a bug in which the participant would be accidentally led into the Weapon Overview display.
  • Fixed a bug in which HUD components for legendary repeaters did not alter when swapping components on the Training Grounds.
  • Fixed a bug in which search descriptions were not being displayed on the map display.
  • Fixed a bug in which the’Face the Fire’ quest did not seem on the search board.
  • Fixed a bug that led to an tabbed button prompt to show on tutorials that are suspended.

    Skirts and awards no more point upwards when employing the Spirit Spirit emote.

  • Fixed clipping problems with torso armours when utilizing Tactile Waveform gauntlets.
  • Fixed a bug where your own hair color on out the Twist hair might look wrongly in menus.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Skullforge’s fire did not work properly with concealed helms and transmogs.
  • Fixed a bug where concealing your helm can cause your mind to vanish.

    Fixed several areas where it had been possible to jump off the map with the warfare pike.

  • The island advantage recovery chain is no more restricted to 30fps.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause the incorrect air and light for use.
  • Fixed a bug where your lantern may be observable even if you were not.
  • Fixed a bug in which an Exotic floating head looked on ideal dodges.
  • Iceborne VFX no more prevents other participant VFX from tripping.
  • Feet no more clip throughout the ground of this airship.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause strafing moves to seem like slipping.
  • Fixed quite a few bugs in which sound did not play.


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