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Dauntless Patch Notes Update 1.34

Dauntless Patch Notes Update 1.34

Dauntless Patch Notes Update 1.34

Phoenix Labs have released the official patch notes to the newest Dauntless Update 1.3.4 Below you’ll see the entire information Update on July 30th.

Based on the stage, how big this download may vary, as can the individual version numbers.

Camera space has become configurable.

Camera view has become more consistent.



  • Vertical FOV is currently inactive, which makes the flat FOV auto-adjust when altering the display aspect ratio. A wider display today only means having the ability to view more on both sides of you.
  • Reduced the amount that the FOV could be shifted into 75-85°down from 35-120°, preventing fisheye.
  • Now you can interact with the portal to observe the new Ramsgate cutscene.

    Decreased the knockback on Lesser Behemoth strikes.

  • Decreased the amount of damage it can take to stagger Lesser Behemoths.

    Fixed a bug which prevented The Hunger from creating Special meter while at Overdrive.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen while using the blade.

    Full-Bore Chamber’s projectiles no more deal harm always after hitting the floor or even a Behemoth.

  • Fixed a bug that prevents loading of inputs throughout the uppercut combo.

    It is now easier to browse the mobile list using a control.

  • Removed the crouching animations when interacting with weapons at the Training Grounds or using vistas.
  • Reduced the scope at which you may trigger the ram-headbutting cartoon.
  • Introduced multiple enhancements to text to block it from overlapping or escaping its own UI elements.
  • Removed tooltips in the character creator.

    Activating Torrent Shield on a player who has a defense now properly applies the defense.

  • Fixed a bug in which Hunt Pass bonus loot was not being dispersed at the conclusion of a search.
  • Fixed a place where it had been possible to get stuck onto the cave staircase.
  • Fixed a bug that might result in other vents to seem intractable despite being emptied.
  • Fixed a bug that caused additional gamers to leave badly at long distance whilst using emotes.

    Fixed a bug in which crowns may not be revealed after changing cases.

  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause beards are the wrong color.
  • The audio for its”Dance Crazed” emote no more continues playing following the emote ends.
  • The paneled lantern skin’s flaws are no more brighter than meant.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause your mind to vibrate.

    Fixed a bug which prevented pursuit and bounty progress from showing in the end of a search.

  • Fixed a bug where blocking someone did not eliminate party invites out of them.
  • Fixed a bug in which the desktop emphasize did not stick to the mouse cursor when browsing the Journal.
  • Fixed a bug which allow you to pick weapons in the armour choice display.
  • Fixed a bug in which buying a flare or banner cloth from the Character menu did not clear the lock .
  • Fixed a bug in which moving into another Journal entry may not properly reset your scroll bar.
  • Main menu tabs no more stay highlighted when using a computer keyboard to browse.
  • Fixed a bug that led to loadout choices to stay highlighted after changing displays.
  • The Vault tutorial slate no more shows when you finish the Hunt Pass intro pursuit.
  • Fixed a bug which could get the background of the main menu to vanish when quickly changing displays.
  • Fixed a bug in which Thrax weapon predominate icons were exhibited as Torgadoro firearms.
  • Fixed a bug which may cause the Berzerker Vision luminous eyes to look in the background of the main menu.
  • Fixed the orientation of different UI components and icons.

    Improved armour clipping on Trainer Rosk in the Training Grounds.

  • Xelya’s necklace no more breaks because she moves.
  • Enriched Xelya’s armour when seen from an area.


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