Dauntless PS4 Update Version 1.40 Patch Notes 1.4.3

Dauntless PS4 Update Version 1.40 Patch Notes 1.4.3

Dauntless PS4 Update Version 1.40 Patch Notes 1.4.3

Phoenix Labs have released the official patch notes to the newest Dauntless Update 1.4.3. Below you’ll see the entire patch notes October 22.

Based upon the platform, how big this download may change.

Together with 7 Archonic weapon skins, two new decorative armour sets, as well as also the Molten Edict exotic weapon around the Elite monitor, there is no better time to go all-in. You may even make 100% platinum back by finishing both Hunt Pass paths!

Plus, go Elite before October 29 to find a limited-time incentive: the Flash of Courage lantern transmog with red aether route effects.

This season, Dark Harvest starts on October 26 — and there is much more to enjoy than previously. Brush up on your own Unseen glyphs and keep your eye on your inbox. We are maintaining the occasion shrouded in mystery for the time being, but specifics are coming soon!

Turn poison pools to recovery opportunities together with the Granny’s Poison-Puller tonic.

The recipe for this particular limited-time brew is awaiting you around the Alchemy of War Hunt Pass. Start looking for this on Elite monitor level 2 or free monitor amount 16.

It looks like Xeyla along with the Farslayers are setting down roots in Ramsgate. Drop with their new residence in the top town and say hello!

LLLH combo assault duration was extended to attain exactly the exact same amount of strikes it did before spot 1.4.0.

Remapping the control buttons delegated to fire, sprint, reload, and mythical ability will work while repeaters are outfitted — until, the mythical skill only worked if the 2 inputs overlapped with fire, sprint, or reload and nothing else.


Fixed a bug in which the UI revealed four ammo indicators when the elongated clip mod has been outfitted, rather than the appropriate six.

Rezakiri beams will correctly play with their audio.

Pressing an attack button while your weapon is sheathed currently unsheathes the weapon without forcing you to an assault.

Players who have the Survival Goggles helmet epidermis is now able to maintain the Survival Goggles (Raised) skin in the shop at no cost. This finishes The Goggle Saga of 2020.

Keystone Behemoth split parts will no more be substituted with billed aether, such as Agarus’ Ruptured Stalks.

Drask armour currently has the right default dye strategy.


  • Survival Goggles doesn’t more wobble.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Alchemancer’s Scalpel‘s shine will evaporate when struck.
  • Alchemancer’s Waistcoat currently shows properly on the Style two version’s chest.
  • NPC titles around the HUD will scale easily in size as you approach them.
  • The Dauntless desktop is currently bigger & clearer. Now 110 percent more readable!
  • Removed… extraneous ellipses out of… mobile tutorial slate…
  • Fixed a bug in which modifications to the participant’s monitored quests or items at the aim tracker wouldn’t be saved.
  • All of Agarus armour icons now fit stylistically.
  • Fixed a problem where tutorial displays wouldn’t close with the right button. The first tutorial displays will close with gamepad A button , and B button once opened via the Journal.

    Holding and redeeming the Granny Strega’s Revitalizing Tonics and Experiments in Terra quests currently plays with the Appropriate VO lines out of Granny Strega and Xelya


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