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Dauntless Update 1.37 Patch Notes 1.4.0

Dauntless Update 1.37 Patch Notes 1.4.0

Dauntless Update 1.37 Patch Notes 1.4.0

Phoenix Labs have launched upgrade 1.4.0 for Dauntless today. Below you’ll see the entire information Update on September 17.

You must download and install a total of 900 MB. Based on the stage, how big this download may vary, as can the individual version numbers.

Arbourhome dropped and the Farslayers who dwelt there today shelter in Ramsgate. Learn more about the natural wilds of the fallen house and exact vengeance on their benefit.

Fight your way through the Sporestruck Behemoths that currently reside in the ruins and challenge the most recent foe: Agarus.

The Agarus has taken root in the Core of the Arbourhome Blight. Be skeptical of its toxic ichor and gnarled roots, Slayer. People who take down an Agarus will acquire entry to new craftable armour and mythical weapons.

Remain alert, and do not let your guard down.

A new kind of search is here: Missions. Get acquainted with your allies by placing out on narrative-focused searches with their help.

Nature and alchemy fulfill from the Strange Horizons Hunt Pass. Unlock fresh decorative armour weapon and sets transmogs motivated by Granny Strega and the Farslayers.

Instead of two collections of decorative armour, you will now notice three: 2 new sets (Alchemancer and Arbourhome Thornguard) around the Elite trail, along with the Sentinel’s Armour set on the free trail, which was exclusive to the in-game shop.

To celebrate our 1.0 anniversary, we have also increased the quantity of platinum you return from the pass, which makes it feasible to get back 100 percent of your platinum from the time you reach Elite degree 50.

New Defence Mobile: Parasitic. Parasitic delays some of harm taken and rather deals it on time. Despite the fact that you take postponed harm, you also obtain lifesteal, giving you a opportunity to slip HP back and keep on your toes. Parasitic just applies to harm that requires 10 percent or more of your maximum health.


  • New toxin effect. Poison is a brand new status impact that deals damage over time. Players may take damage whilst standing in toxin pools and eventually become familiar using the”Poisoned” status outcome when their toxin meter is filled. Look out for more green ooze! Regardless of rumours, it won’t fool you in crime-fighting turtle.
  • Granny’s Antidote will clear the brand new toxin impact, and Granny’s Heartbreaker tonic increases critical strike chance and damage by 25%.
  • New narrative quests. 9 news quests are starting with Untamed Wilds. Progress through them to Find out More about Arbourhome as well as the Agarus hazard!

    Aether trail lantern impacts . Transmog your own lantern using the Breath of Life or the Spark of Professional skins to make brilliant aether effects on your wake when launch from leap vents.



Stamina drains consistently throughout the war hive’s closing light strike.



  • The loading ammo button press must feel quicker.
  • The time window for entering the fifth mild strike onto the Piercing Flurry combo must feel much easier and much more pliable.
  • War pike combos now advancement always across heavy and light strikes and align using their in-game explanation. As an instance:

    Fixed a bug where players could not implement the Blade Spin combo.

  • Fixed a bug in which the Blade Spin combo did not finish when the player ran out of endurance.

    Additional the Ferocious Prism to repeaters: Gradually become enraged, coping +5/10/15% harm and getting resistant to stagger. Taking damage will permit you to enrage quicker.

  • Legendary repeater barrels no more have a brief wait before they begin shooting.
  • Legendary repeater light strikes now operate while mounting Behemoths.

    Fixed a problem where the last reach of Flight of Ruin did not hit targets which were quite low to the floor. This was most evident on staggered Behemoths.

    AoE attacks (e.g. Pangar weapons’ frost brand Specific Effect) can now reach multiple Behemoth body components at the same time.



Fixed a problem where players couldn’t see their present Links. Nothing was missing though, and gamers should now have the ability to observe those Links again and again maintain their benefits.


  • Fixed a problem where players couldn’t see their Slayer Link reward pools.
  • Fixed a problem where players couldn’t accept or send Slayer Link requests.
  • Fixed two crashes resulting from this Slayer Link feature.

    Fixed a bug that was preventing players from assaulting to cancel from a stagger recovery cartoon.

  • Players may no longer assault to cancel from a tonic-drinking animation. Please look both ways before chugging a barbecue.

    Fixed a bug that led to the Malkarion Ultra Armour (decorative ) to seem as though it were the normal set.

  • The Survival Goggles skin today appears over eyes rather than on the brow.

    Lady Luck’s Barrage will no more target lifeless Behemoths, but in the event the Barrage reaches a Behemoth, it will not aim a brand new one.

  • Fixed a bug where Lady Luck’s Flames gift was not unlocking Torgadoro’s Power .
  • Fixed a bug where unlocking Strega’s Tonic within an Escalation art tree did not stop Flask Refill amps out of appearing throughout Escalation runs.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Thrill of the Hunt Escalation capacity was awarding 7.5% damage rather than the planned 10%.

    Reduced CPU usage and improved FPS when searching Behemoths which use projectiles.

    City search pass gatherables today fade away rather than popping out of existence once assembled.

    Fixed a few of lost dictionary for non-English players.

  • Fixed a line spacing issue on NPC dialog.

    Fixed some instances where users can lose things if they changed between platforms throughout a patch deploy.

  • Fixed some sound playback problems onto Xbox One.



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