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Dauntless Update 1.38 Patch Notes 1.4.1

Dauntless Update 1.38 Patch Notes 1.4.1

Dauntless Update 1.38 Patch Notes 1.4.1

Below you’ll see the entire information Update on October 1st.

Based on the stage, how big this download may vary, as can the individual version numbers.

Agarus’ Ruptured Stalk split parts no more evaporate.

Mounting a Sporestruck Embermane since it expires no more induces players to teleport into the human body’s mount point.


  • We blame that a life of boops…

    Nayzaga heads are now able to be targeted throughout their slide strike.

    Blaze Rezakiri fireballs no more fire if you stagger one from an assault.

    The Shrowd disrupt visual alarm will now vanish after the window finishes.

    Skraev tornados are now able to collide with Slayers.



War pike no longer has an input between strikes at a combo and dodging.

Hammers transmogged using all the Champion’s Hammer skin will apply damage properly.

The”Press to Activate” instant on Thrax weapon legendary skills now activates correctly with war, sword pike, and string blades.


The Exposed Weakness amp in Umbral Escalation no more leaves strikes appear as though they’re dealing critical damage when they aren’t.

Reaching Escalation degree 25 from the Terra Escalation talent tree currently stops billed aether XP from falling.


  • The ambiance at Terra Escalation’s closing picture no more plays over-top of this battle sound.
  • Various tree branches finally have appropriate crash parameters in Terra Escalation.
  • Players will no more clip throughout the floor in some specific regions of Terra Escalation.
  • Players will no more clip various giant stones from the next stadium of Terra Escalation.




Fixed a bug in which Master’s Style helmet epidermis shadows were showing incorrectly.


  • Survival Goggle helmet epidermis no more replacements.

    Canceling a Slayer Link, then inviting the exact same individual to associate no longer leads to a collapse.

  • Players are now able to click on the”Unlock Link” button.
  • Players may no longer connect all three of the Slayer Links to one friend.

    Agarus interrupt mastery was eliminated out of its Mastery webpage, as Agaruses cannot be interrupted.

  • The Agarus movelist tutorial movie is no longer lost from the menus.
  • The”Granny Strega’s Revitalizing Tonics” pursuit name no more divides the UI.
  • Mission text is no longer lost in the matchmaking standing bar.
  • The Player Inbox no more reveals an unread message telling even if all email was read.
  • Agarus armour is no more overlooking the Agarus head in the menus.
  • The Private Starlight lantern skin shows the proper side in its shop trailer.

    On the Far and Away assignment, employing the”Help I’m Stuck” menu choice doesn’t longer put you in the onset of the Escalation behind broken hop ports.

    Fixed crashes which were tied to from memory problems.

  • Fixed client disconnects which were because of the bounty element timing out.

    Zebko’s legs no more clip through his trousers. They had been too effective and needed to be coated.


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