DayZ Hotfix Released Update 1.18

DayZ Hotfix Released Update 1.18

DayZ Hotfix Released Update 1.18

While players only got a patch for DayZ a week, Bohemia Interactive has launched the DayZ upgrade 1.18 July 7 hotfix, and it is out today on consoles (PS4, Xbox 1 ) and PC. The studio requires this model 1.08.153258. Have a look at the entire patch notes beneath.

Model: 1.08.153258



  • Additional: The damage condition of the Fence / Watchtower components is currently visible in the hud (the dot near the goals title )


  • Fixed: Containers with fluid didn’t have their proper weight after completing
  • Fixed: Performance problems around larger foundations, which may also lead to customer crashes


  • Tweaked: Lowered strength of sunlight shafts

That is, essentially. No new content is comprised as anticipated. Should you see some gameplay-related changes not mentioned in the patch notes, then let’s understand down in the comments. We will be looking out for any adjustments and repairs not mentioned also.


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