DayZ Patch Notes Update Version 1.20

DayZ Patch Notes Update Version 1.20

DayZ Patch Notes Update Version 1.20

Since Bohemia Interactive declared yesterday, the international upgrade 1.09 for DayZ has been published.

The DayZ Update 1.20 (1.09) could be downloaded and set up instantly, for many platforms.



  • Additional the Deagle pistol using its attachments
  • Additional the Magnum revolver
  • Additional the Flag Pole and Flags
  • Additional the NBC Respirator
  • Added 7 new exterior and inside versions for rural homes
  • Additional new medium and small electricity lines in Chernarus
  • Additional police ADA 4×4 wrecks to get Livonia (replacing Chernarus authorities Olga)
  • Additional info to objects as to how many you can pile



  • Upgraded the textures for Many buildings and various props
  • Now You Can set around 1
  • into 10 Wooden Sticks to a fireplace
  • Armbands Aren’t stackable anymore and also their stock size are diminished to 1×2
  • The doorways of automobile wrecks currently open wider
  • Locked doors just exhibit their locked state following the participant attempted to open them after
  • Altered the attachment slot icon for Stones
  • Stacks of the same things are also combined on the floor (to the max of stock pile )
  • Upgraded the version of Olga 24 authorities car for Chernarus
  • Balanced the dispersion values for many pistols
  • Balanced the weapon durability through shooting
  • Improved the durability of suppressors (including improvised)
  • Duct tape Can’t be utilized to fix their attachments
  • Digging a backyard plot today damages the instrument utilized
  • Locking/unlocking doors today damages the Lockpick
  • New characters spawn using a T-Shirt and harvest hiking trousers
  • New characters have a Opportunity to spawn with ruined equipment
  • Decreased the punishment warmth isolation and absorbency out of worn and ruined garments
  • The watchtower kit may simply be placed below a ceiling that fits at the 1st floor of this watchtower
  • Matters dropped from palms during a gamers passing will discuss the Duration of the lifeless person (1 hour by default)
  • Things de-equipped when skinning a deceased participant talk about the deceased player body’s life (1 hour by default)
  • The menu to get emotes now reveals whether an emote could be implemented from the present place
  • Adjusted the successful ranges of the Revolver and Deagle


  • Additional more loot points into the automobile wrecks
  • Lifetime worth of items have been significantly improved
  • Unusual helicrash loot is currently chosen from count in freight of player-owned storage items (tents, crates,. .)
  • The restart of host no longer spawns new loot (ignoring restock timers) and loot is just spawned following restock timers run out
  • Additional new InitialSpawn parameter to globals.xml, allowing the definition of the percent of objects spawned into the planet (just when There’s no Present storage existing )
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