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DayZ Update 1.16 Live Patch Notes 1.08

DayZ Update 1.16 Live Patch Notes 1.08

DayZ Update 1.16 Live Patch Notes 1.08

Bohemia Interactive will Launch Update 1.08 to Get DayZ today. We’ve got all of the details for this particular live upgrade on June 30th.

DayZ Update 1.16 / 1.08 will be available for download during the day for many platforms. The size of this download isn’t known to us in the present time.

Today’s update adds some fresh material, fixes several bugs in the sport, and alterations are made.


  • Additional: Sporter 22 and its attachments
  • Additional: Lighter
  • Additional: Frying Pan
  • Additional: Immediate cooking slots around the oven and also indoor stove (lets to put both pots/pans or meals straight )
  • Additional: Cooking gear, kindling and fire gas can now be utilised to make a fireplace in the indoor stove or fireplace
  • Additional: Things can now be attached right into the fireplace
  • Additional: directional indoor stove
  • Additional: SKVSCh Biatlon Arena place to Chernarus
  • Additional: Saint Roman ski hotel place to Chernarus
  • Additional: New automobile wrecks around Chernarus, spawning automobile parts
  • Additional: Character noises for exercising of breath
  • Additional: Storage containers (barrels, crates, chests,. .) Can be destroyed by explosions, gunfire and melee damage
  • Additional: Tents, watchtowers and fences could be ruined by explosions, gunfire and melee damage
  • Additional: Tents, watchtowers and fences could be mended using materials and tools
  • Additional: Ruined containers and containers will fall their contents on the floor
  • Additional: Canopy Tent and colour variations
  • Additional: Color versions for the Moderate Tent
  • Additional: Server information from the In-Game menu (PC — may be switched off from the options menu)
  • Added: Ability to pull dead bodies from vehicles


  • Fixed: A game crash Associated with base building
  • Fixed: Server errors related to throwing
  • Fixed: Several optimizations when it comes to building collisions
  • Fixed: Several map issues on Chernarus and Livonia
  • Fixed: An exploit to Check through walls abusing the compass
  • Fixed: Loading internal magazines of weapons did not work across multiple stacks of ammunition
  • Fixed: No sound was played when skinning something with the machete
  • Fixed: Bottles and canteens are now spawning with random amounts of water in them
  • Fixed: Sounds weren’t played when filling up a bottle or canteen at a well, lake or gas station
  • Fixed: Repositioning the cable reel could break the hand slot and cause desynchronization
  • Fixed: The flashbang could cause a permanent Tinnitus effect when hit by multiple flashbangs in short succession
  • Fixed: The windows of the large tent Couldn’t be interacted with when the camo net was attached
  • Fixed: Switching to a heavy item while in throwing stance could freeze the character
  • Fixed: The character Wasn’t forced to stand up when switching from a one-handed to a heavy item in hands, causing animation glitches
  • Fixed: Horticulture: Water/Plant/Fertilize actions would Nevertheless Be shown after they were already executed
  • Fixed: Reloading immediately after shooting with the Repeater would sometimes not work
  • Fixed: Starting to shoot during firearm melee could cause extremely rapid firing
  • Fixed: When waking up from unconsciousness in a car, the player could be teleported to an unspecified location
  • Fixed: Characters had misplaced items in hand and were stuck in sitting position after becoming unconscious when entering a Car
  • Fixed: It was possible to drive a car with a dead battery
  • Fixed: The player can now remove car attachments while another player is sitting in the Automobile
  • Fixed: It was possible to get out of vehicles too close to walls
  • Fixed: A limping character was Not Able to enter the shooting gallery in amusement parks
  • Fixed: Swapping light and heavy items while prone could glitch animations
  • Fixed: It was possible to light a fire with an empty matchbox
  • Fixed: Trying to chamber an already loaded weapon could break the weapon
  • Fixed: Rotation of human meat when attached on the long stick
  • Fixed: Switching your item in hands while placing would create false holograms
  • Fixed: Some environmental actions could be triggered regardless of height difference
  • Fixed: The fireplace could be ignited under water
  • Fixed: Igniting kindling would create the Subsequent fireplace right under the player
  • Fixed: It was possible to destroy the barrel fireplace by using bury ashes action
  • Fixed: Burying ashes was possible on concrete surfaces
  • Fixed: Fireplace effects (particles, sounds) Weren’t cleaned up on clients Once the fireplace leaves the network bubble
  • Fixed: Water boiling effects were stuck on the cooking pot, even when water boiled off
  • Fixed: Cooking equipment effects were present even when the fireplace went out
  • Fixed: Damage materials for barrels and fire barrels Weren’t applied properly
  • Fixed: Watchtower top roof did not have collisions
  • Fixed: Items Couldn’t be placed on the Top watchtower levels
  • Fixed: The watchtower Wasn’t producing the Proper footstep sounds
  • Fixed: When a gate with barbed wire attached was opened, the damage would Nevertheless Be applied at its original position
  • Fixed: Ruined Barbed Wire could be mounted on a fence
  • Fixed: Traps are now also triggered by animals and infected
  • Fixed: Sun shaft effect was not present over the course of the day
  • Fixed: Character desynchronization when a player would log in close to a player Who’s taking an item into hands at that moment
  • Fixed: It Wasn’t possible to take an item from the hands of a dead player
  • Fixed: After committing suicide, the tools used was desynchronized and could not be interacted with
  • Fixed: Several synchronization issues about the inventory, Quickbar and slot reservation
  • Fixed: Several character issues when going unconscious when swimming
  • Fixed: Issues with the ladder in the lighthouse
  • Fixed: The character could get stuck in the climbing animation when Trying to leave the ladder
  • Fixed: The infected would not follow the player on the harbor pier
  • Fixed: Faulty hit registration when hitting Several components within the Exact Same damage zone
  • Fixed: The player was able to open their inventory during the surrender gesture
  • Fixed: Dried zucchini was missing textures
  • Fixed: Several localization issues
  • Fixed: Heavy items could be stacked to float in the air



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