Dead by Daylight Patch Notes 4.1.0 Update 1.97

Dead by Daylight Patch Notes 4.1.0 Update 1.97

Dead by Daylight Patch Notes 4.1.0 Update 1.97

Behavior Interactive today published a brand new Update for Dead by Daylight. We’ve got all information regarding this patch on July 28th.

The upgrade is 2,750 GB in size on the PS4, how big this download may vary Based upon the stage

  • Aura Rework — Refactored the Aura System on a technical degree to be certain that the machine is simpler to maintain and less prone to bugs later on. Visuals for its Refactor have been changed to encourage the new refactor. Functionally the machine hasn’t been significantly altered, no matter how the overall look of auras is markedly different.
  • Additional a Promo Code System into the Shop — keep your eyes on our forums / societal websites for promotional codes which you may use in-game later on.
  • Killer Choice — Killers cannot alter characters while trying to find a game / at a lobby (excluding habit games ). This will shortly be employed from the new matchmaking system to offer much better fit equilibrium according to your ability with every killer independently, rather than a worldwide killer score.


The Cannibal was among the less-popular Killers, thus we’re pushing to reduce some of their character’s flaws while pursuing Survivors. Cannibal players will observe a greater ability ceiling and new tactics to master the energy. His add-ons were altered to coincide with our sanity composition requirements, eliminate overlap with the Hillbilly’s add-ons, and start up further assembles.

Added Chainsaw flat-rate fees. Employing the Chainsaw will have a fee and activate a Chainsaw Sweep. In this time period, The Cannibal will expand the Chainsaw Sweep by pressing the power button until the power bar completely depletes. The more fees are utilized, the more the overlook cooldown / tantrum (if colliding with obstacles).

The amounts:

  • The Cannibal begins with 3 fees
  • Triggering the chainsaw will Begin a Chainsaw Sweep that lasts Two moments
  • Throughout the Sweep, every charge used then will refresh the Chainsaw Sweep timer back into Two minutes
  • Each Extra charge utilized raises the trolling motor attack cooldown / tantrum length by 1 next
  • Charges refill at a speed of 1 fee every 4 moments Once the chainsaw is not being utilized
  • The Cannibal’s maximum rate throughout a Chainsaw Sweep has risen to 5.29 m/s out of 5.06 m/s

Additional in case the Cannibal revs the chainsaw too long, a tantrum is automatically triggered to your bottom length of 5 minutes.

When a clot is triggered, all remaining fees are consumed.

The tantrum meter will probably melt the moment the power switch is published and will begin going down as soon as the chainsaw is set away.

Add-ons: Upgraded all his add-ons.

The Hillbilly includes a flexible kit using traversal and double-damage consequences as part of his foundation electricity, leading this particular character to overperform in comparison to additional Killers. These modifications introduce a source management aspect to put some constraints on access to their own or her tools.

Additional the overheat mechanic. Employing the chainsaw will build up heat. After reaching the maximum quantity of warmth, the chainsaw and can’t be used until it’s cooled off.

The amounts:

  • The chainsaw warmth meter begins at 0.
  • Actively revving adds 8 prices per minute
  • Actively sprinting adds Two charges per minute
  • If not using the chainsaw, the warmth meter dissipates at a speed of -5 prices per minute
  • Once the chainsaw overheats, the warmth meter dissipates in a speed of -6.6 prices per minute

If the heating meter reaches 100 fees, the chainsaw .

If the chainsaw overheats through a chainsaw :

  • The sprint Isn’t disrupted
  • The leash moves via the cooldown stage following the sprint has finished

The heat will melt the moment the power button has been released and will begin going down as soon as the chainsaw is set away. What’s more, the heat meter doesn’t advance throughout The Hillbilly’s various cocool downhases. Including a chainsaw a chainsaw strike and colliding with an obstacle.

Add-ons: Upgraded all his add-ons.

The alterations to Franklin’s Demise include a risk factor for SuSurvivors,o they will need to balance the risk/reward of moving after the lost item within the time limitation.

  • Franklin’s Demise: Rather than this thing losing prices when lost, the Entity will absorb the item following 150/120/90 moments if it isn’t picked up. Furthermore, Franklin’s Demise will show the aura of things on the floor inside 32/32/32 meters.

Knock Out was underperforming and can be ununderpinnedy Killers. Adding the temporary deterrent to”Running” matches the taste of this perk whilst offering it another gameplay measurement.

  • Assessing Out: Today triggers on fundamental attacks just. Furthermore, Survivors put from the dying country by your fundamental attacks will creep 50/50/50percent slower for 15/15/15 minutes. In this time period, they’re influenced by the Blindness standing effect.


Lightborn’s effect just partly resisted Blind consequences previously, yet this ofwas often notorth a complete perk slot to get a Killer and contributed to the particular perk being underutilized. These modifications make it a more appealing solution for Killers who need this result.

  • Lightborn: Grants resistance to blindness brought on by flashlights and firecrackers. Survivors that try blinding you’ve got their setting shown for 6/8/10 minutes.



Tinkerer has a helpful impact but it was difficult to get the complete advantage of it as a result of high repair advancement threshold. Reducing that threshold and raising the Undetectable length makes it much easier to utilize its advantages as a Killer.

  • Tinkerer: Currently activates at 70/70/70percent (down from 85 percent ) and grants that the Undetectable status impact for 12/14/16 moments (up from 8/10/12)



  • The Cannibal: Fixed a problem that caused the chainsaw SFX to keep on enjoying when stunned while doing a chainsaw .
  • The Doctor: Fixed a problem that caused Survivors out of their Terror Radius to not listen to the sound cue when charging the compacted Blast ability.
  • The Hillbilly: Fixed a problem that led to the Hillbilly to go into stun cartoon when letting go of this chainsaw button at precisely the exact same time as hitting a wallsocket.
  • The Nurse: Fixed a problem that caused Jane Romero’s hands to clip her torso following the Nurse’s Mori.
  • The Oni: Fixed a problem that caused Survivors to fall double the total amount of Blood Orbs when performing activities while injured.
  • The Oni: Fixed a problem that prevented entering bloodstream Fury in the event the electricity meter was stuffed while carrying out a Survivor.
  • The Plague: Fixed a problem that triggered Corruption mode immediately following a Survivor cleanses together with all the final Pool of Devotion as opposed to 5 minutes following a Survivor cleanses together with all the final Pool of Devotion.
  • The Plague: Fixed a problem that caused the Plague to temporarily stagger, not return easily to her idle cartoon after falling from high earth.


  • Fixed a problem that resulted in injured Survivors to occasionally make no sound after certain activities.
  • Fixed a problem that allowed loading into a Public Match while at Custom Games.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Survivors to have stuck together after recovery a downed Survivor while from a wall in many locations.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Survivors’ cries to be muted and very low quantity when discovered in a locker.
  • Fixed a problem that may make it impossible for male survivors to target a flashlight when they had been formerly carrying another product.
  • Fixed a missing feel when yanking David King out of a locker.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the camera to not concentrate on the Survivor when being spared from a Cage of Atonement.
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally caused survivors to endure and puke when being disrupted when cleansing themselves in a Pool of Devotion.
  • Fixed a problem that may lead to a Survivor to have stuck later interacting with a Pool of Devotion that spawned on dirt mounds.


  • Sole Survivor: Fixed a problem that caused the perk not to necessarily obtain a token when other Survivors are forfeited.
  • Devour Hope: Fixed a problem that displayed the rate enthusiast as busy for a length of 10 minutes when regaining a Survivor rather than beginning 10 minutes after hooked a Survivor. The result remains unchanged.
  • Create Your Selection: Today mentions in the perk description the Survivor cries when unhooking the other Survivor.
  • Plunderer’s Instinct: Fixed the air outline to stay displayed on chests if there aren’t any obstacles.
  • Kindred: Fixed a problem that exhibited the Killer’s setting outline even though there aren’t any obstacles.
  • Wake Up: Fixed the air outline that stayed exhibited on the Exit Gates even though there are not any obstacles.


  • Backwater Swamp: Fixed an invisible crash which may be walked in Maze tiles.
  • Badham Preschool: Lay a visible seam near the killer shack.
  • Badham Preschool II: Fixed a Generator which could not be obtained from the right side.
  • Dead Dawg Saloon: Fixed a problem that caused tumbleweeds to look abruptly and vanish from passing through the ground.
  • Family Residence: Lay a visible seam on the Ground.
  • Haddonfield: Lay placeholder textures around the ceilings in certain homes.
  • Haddonfield: Fixed a visible gap beneath exterior windows.
  • Midwich Elementary School: Fixed a problem that caused Crows to be observed moving through ceilings after triggered.
  • Midwich Elementary School: Fixed multiple novel piles in which the Survivors could clip trough.
  • Midwich Elementary School: Fixed very glowing stripes on desks at the reception area.
  • Mount Ormond Resort: Fixed an invisible crash outside the cabin.
  • Sanctum of Wrath: Fixed a problem that stopped blinking on the rock steps together with the Nurse.
  • The Underground Complex: Fixed a problem that allowed climbing to a particular box.


  • Reverted the UI Scale back into the pre-4.0.0 dimensions for gamers playing 1440p and under because it was adversely affecting players at 1440p. The enhanced UI Scale currently only impacts players employing 4k resolutions.
  • Additional more opinions information on several error messages.


  • Blood Stain VFX: Disabled the blood stains on clothes for wounded survivors. This attribute was only being analyzed and remains a work in progress. The tantrum meter will return when the chainsaw is set away. The overheat meter will return when the chainsaw is set away.
  • The Hillbilly: The chainsaw doesn’t create heat while at the a variety of cooldown phases. Including a chainsaw , a chainsaw strike and colliding with challenges.
  • The Hillbilly: Decreased the amount of heat obtained when knowingly revving from 10 charges/second to 8 charges/second.
  • The Hillbilly: Improved the heat dissipation speed when not overheating from -3.5 charges/second into -5 charges/second.    Copy To Clipboard
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