Dead by Daylight Patch Notes 4.1.1 Update 1.98

Dead by Daylight Patch Notes 4.1.1 Update 1.98

Dead by Daylight Patch Notes 4.1.1 Update 1.98

Behavior Interactive today Published a Brand New Update for Dead by Daylight. We’ve got all information regarding this patch on August 5th.

The Dead by Daylight Update 1.98 (4.1.1) can currently be downloaded and installed. Contains new alterations to the auras, overall improvements and bug fixes.

Dead by Daylight Patch Notes 1.98 — Update 4.1.1Characteristics

  • Upgraded Auras: Patch 4.1.0 introduced a brand-new aura system with fresh aura visuals. While we received positive comments regarding their design, the consensus appears to be that they weren’t sufficiently visible, particularly for smaller items, at long selection or in bright surroundings. In light of this, we’ve temporarily substituted the new air visuals using another kind which needs to be a whole lot easier to see. Anticipate additional air improvements in future releases.Adhering to the 4.1.0 PTB, it became evident that a few of the add-ons for the Cannibal and The Hillbilly needed additional afield. In this upgrade, we tackle those addons, in addition to pull on several rebalancing changes which were too competitive. (We are looking at you, Engravings.)

    At first, the Primer Bulb and Spark Plug add-ons sought to present a playstyle that revolved around moving into a tantrum and utilizing a speed growth to grab unsuspecting Survivors. In practice. The speed growth was low for this playstyle to become rewarding.

    The Primer Bulb and Spark Plug add-ons will increase the rate where Chainsaw costs replenish, providing a better edge.

    • Significantly raises the rate at which fees replenish
    • Moderately raises the rate at which fees replenish

    Long Guide Bar and The Grease add-ons to grow the most rev before tripping a tantrum. This usually means that you have more maneuverability about loops while bettering your chainsaw.

    • Significantly Increase the Quantity of revving accessible before tripping a tantrum
    • Upgraded payable to Unusual (from Common)
    • Moderately Increase the Quantity of revving accessible before tripping a tantrum

    Additionally, we have reassessed our preceding nerf of this Knife Scratches and Beast’s Marks add-ons. They had been significantly nerfed due to The Cannibal’s modifications, but we’ve been too hard on them — particularly considering that the Tantrum meter builds up while revving. This meant you would almost always be 99 percent tantrums and the smallest mistake compelled you to experience the tantrum.

    • Reverted the fee time penalty to -12percent
    • Improved the movement rate bonus to +2percent
    • Reverted the fee time penalty to -12percent
    • Improved the motion rate bonus to 3 percent

    Next on this listing are just two add-ons which were given unnecessary drawbacks. Hopefully eliminating them will create the add-ons worthy of the rarity and will make them useful.

    • Removed the rate reduction when revving
    • Eliminate the Higher recharge speed on Chainsaw charges

    Ultimately, we have updated Speed Limiter to give you more bloodpoints on Chainsaw strikes and we have reduced its rarity so that it could be available more frequently.

    Rate Limiter:

  • Updated rarity to Shared (from Unusual )

The Hillbilly

With this upgrade, we attempted to make add-ons with fresh and intriguing outcomes. But during the PTB, it became apparent we had to reevaluate a few of those add-ons to better reach our objectives.

Black Grease was motivated by The Hillbilly’s perk Enduring. It used to increase resistance to Blindness after being stunned by a pallet. We were not pleased with how it turned out and have produced a brand-new impact inspired by Lightborn that should offer an obvious edge that fits right in with all the newest Overheat mechanic.

  • Moderately raises the Chainsaw’s speed of cooling system when a flashlight is shining . (-5 charges/second for Those who adore amounts )

Mother’s Helpers was motivated by The Hillbilly’s perk Lightborn. It used to improve your movement speed as a flashlight was shining . Regrettably, flashlighting most frequently happens while plugging into cartoon, so players will ordinarily not have the ability to use this rate increase. This brand new variant is motivated by Enduring and ought to be interesting for lovers of the older charge rate bonus add-ons.

  • Slightly reduces chainsaw time for 30 minutes after being stunned by a pallet. (12 percent — exactly the same as the older Spark Plug)

Next in linewe have different add-ons that had some alterations or that required to be reverted (Engravings).

Lo Pro Chains shared the disadvantage from Speed Limiter, but the upside was not sufficient to warrant its rarity. We have upgraded it only deals with one health condition for a brief period after breaking up a pallet or wall socket. We have also shifted its rarity from Ultra Rare to Quite Unusual.

  • Survivors struck with the Chainsaw in 5 minutes of breaking a pallet or a wall are all ruined for one health condition.
  • Updated rarity to Quite Rare (from Ultra Rare)

The Apex Muffler will allow some rather strong assembles. Due to that, we are raising its rarity into Ultra Rare. We’ll continue to track this add-on carefully.

  • Upgraded Length to Ultra Rare (from Very Unusual )
  • Upgraded Length to Unusual (from Common)

The first nerf to the Engravings add-ons was an unfortunate error. Furthermore, viewing the Overheat mechanic action, the Engravings add-ons were too penalizing. We’ve reverted them to their own prior versions. We’ll continue to track these add-ons carefully.

  • Reverted the fee time penalty to -12percent
  • Reverted the motion rate increase to +15percent
  • Reverted the fee time penalty to -12percent
  • Reverted the motion rate increase to +20percent

This add-on needed a downside, which restricted its usage a bit too rigorously. It’s been eliminated. Hopefully by mixing it with different add-ons, we will find new Billy sprints which are not possible with no add-on.

  • Removed the Chainsaw sprint steering disadvantage

The Iridescent Brick utilized to begin the Undetectable status impact timer after 5 minutes of a Chainsaw sprint. Unfortunately, that does not imply you were Undetectable after 5 minutes, it meant the transition into be Undetectable started. This took the add-on’s worth and left it unworthy of becoming an Ultra Rare. We have reduced the time necessary to transition into getting Undetectable. We’ll continue to track this add-on carefully.

  • After preserving a Chainsaw Sprint for two minutes, obtain the Undetectable status result until you give up sprinting.

The drawback of going at 4.4 m/s needs something quite strong to compensate for it. In that sense, the prior reduction in control period was hardly noticeable. We have increased it to create this add-on more attractive.

  • Percent decrease Chainsaw cost time (20 percent up from 12 percent )

Rate Limiter:

Like The Cannibal’s Rate Limiter, we have improved the blood point incentive and altered its rarity.

  • Get 100% more points for Chainsaw score occasions
  • Updated rarity to Frequent (from Unusual )

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with excessively bright lights onto some inside maps.
  • Fixed a problem causing blood droplets to occasionally stay in the atmosphere whenever the Executioner’s Cage of Atonement moves.
  • Fixed a problem causing the Demogorgon to occasionally miss Survivors while employing the shred capability and landing precisely about the Survivor.
  • Fixed a problem causing the Demogorgon to occasionally briefly enter a chase with Survivors while traversing the Upside Down.
  • Fixed a problem causing some things to be depleted before they run from fees.
  • Fixed a problem causing Nancy Wheeler’s facial animations not to play properly.
  • Fixed a problem causing offerings to be absorbed while the player switches characters in an internet lobby.
  • Fixed a problem causing the Wraith’s Blind Warrior — Mud addition not to inflict blindness.
  • Fixed a problem causing Hillbilly’s chainsaw to strike through a counter to the Remedy Theatre map.
  • Fixed a problem causing a variety of issues using the Cannibal’s tantrum under poor network conditions.
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