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Dead Cells – Update 1.8.0 Patch Notes 1.15

Dead Cells Updated Patch Notes

Dead Cells Updated Patch Notes

The answerable Entiwcklers of all Dead Cells have launched a fresh update today. We’ve got the information regarding this update.

Dead Cells Update 1.8.0 / 1.15

11 New affixes:
8 new ordinary affixes:
— Ice, flame, bleed or toxin on neighboring enemies or floors Once the effect of this used busy endings
— A grenade, a volley of arrows, or flame spreads when a deployable snare is ruined
— Get Your all arrows while using a skill
3 new starred affixes:
— Oil and fire spread around when a deployable snare is destroyed
— Push enemies round you when the consequence of the used occupied endings
— Extended span for powers such as Wings of the Crow as well as Smokebomb

6 new mobs:

Six brand news opponents. 3 are unique, 3 are discharged through levels at different Boss Cells. In now, and prior to the release that is live, we prefer allowing you to unveil kinds and their locations.

Two new things:

— Crowbar. After breaking up a door or perhaps a breakable, brutality weapons which crits prop.
— Mobile Door: Allows one to bring a door enabling for a tasteful stun effect you opt to turn around and covering your spine because you look after the dinosaurs before you.

Half-life diet :

Completing the Freeman’ role-play bundle with medpacks to receive a genuine immersion.

New lore secrets and rooms .

We took the prospect of adding dinosaurs to re-balance their levels’ bestiary . Even though there isn’t any mobs in Seed’ amounts, we have tweaked the amounts to create these biomes fairer.


Bug Fixes:

The Bad Seed | Fixed Carnivorous Plants final while some comedic is ongoing.
The Bad Seed
The Bad Fixed Rythm’n Bouzouki time detection to the next struck. Oups?
The Bad Seed | Fix infrequent camera Difficulties and minimap screen from the Morass.
Fixed Magic Missiles and Pyrotechnics consistently shoot twice when tapping on the button.
Fixed a specific covert boss hitbox on push assault. Crouching beneath, beware!
Fixed some projectiles not colliding properly with doorways.
Fixed Ice Armor not protecting from spikes.
Fixed several crashes.

Balancing :

The Bad Seed | Blueprint reduction likelihood of these new items diminished.
Cavern mobs’ health and injury lowered to create up to a bestiary that was hell-ish down the road,
The Bad Seed | Mushroom Boi now violate your invisibility on attack. Improved Tick Scythes hitboxes to hit down.
The Bad Seed | Ticks now dropping five cells and a couple of gold upon death.
The Bad Seed | Improved Jerkshroom casting curve to stop direct strikes from below. Who the hell thought it was a fantastic idea?! … Oh.
Before starting to strike you knives Thowers doDodger dash.
Added a safety to the playerhen leaping down to avoid taking hits is currently attacking.
Frozen enemies have gotten disrupted in their attacks. After defrosting your Failed Experiment, no surprise strikes!
Community proposal Marksman Bow can have damage bonus affixes.
Community proposal Ice Armor supplies harm reduction rather than bonus damages on amounts.
Ice Shield and community suggestion Ice Armor can possess you are going to need to use some jokes.
Enemy grenades repelled by Ice Shield suspend enemies.
Shield Bearers can damage deployables.

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