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Desperados III Patch Notes Update 1.03

Desperados III Patch Notes Update 1.03

Desperados III Patch Notes Update 1.03

Mimimi Games have launched a new upgrade for Desperados 3. Below you’ll see the whole patch notes for this upgrade on August 20.

You need to download a complete of 6,36 GB. The size of this download may fluctuate based upon the stage.

Additional 4 new Baron’s Challenge assignments:

  • Three Guys with No Title: Where’s Waldo? Identify three particular defenses one of the audience of assumed doppelgangers on the map and kill them!
  • Bear Trap TripletsWe all know just how much Hector enjoys his small Bianca. An individual can just imagine what he can with three of these… why not place it to some test?
  • Best Served Cold: A bad man did not understand the Baron was cheated him. The Baron wants him located at a crowded market place and brought to the deceased deceased or living. Doc McCoy has been held captive in the bayous. Isabelle’s kitty Stella, a dog and a poultry have shaped a distinctive animal commando to save the Doc.

Bug Fixes & Longer

  • Minor stability enhancements: ” We created additional optimizations to enhance the general stability of this match.
  • Showdown Mode FixesWe have a couple of testimonials from users about distinct Showdown Mode problems. The majority of them must be solved now.

Kown Issues

  • Three Guys with No Title: The participant can provide the Dentist into the coffins as among those assignments targets. The sport will accept him as a mission goal.
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