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Patch notes

Desperados III Patch Notes Update 1.02

Desperados III Patch Notes Update 1.02

Desperados III Patch Notes Update 1.02

Mimimi Games have launched a new upgrade for Desperados 3. Below you’ll see the whole patch notes for this upgrade on July 23.

The size of this download may fluctuate based upon the stage.

The patch notes aren’t yet offered. Today’s update brings fresh content Baron’s Challenge Mission Pack #1! The next awaits you:

  • Four new Baron’s Challenges.Flagstone, Mayor Higgin’s Estate, Eagle Falls, along with the Casa DeVitt will every have one new unique challenge for you.
  • Stability enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Vanishing Act: A particular snake-oil salesman is peddling his wares in the city square of Flagstone. Make him vanish.
  • Untitled Voodoo Mission: Isabelle is going to wreck Mayor Higgins’ weddingand she’s attracted a great deal of head control darts.
  • Public Transportation: 2 dead guys have to be transported to the Eagle Falls train station. The guards will not shoot on sight, but if they see a body…
  • Bird Hunting: Doc is perched on the roof of Casa DeVitt, with lots of ammo and five goals on his record. The celebration is still moving. Happy searching.
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