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Destiny 2 Gets Fortnite-Style Live Event The Almighty Update It’s Over

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Destiny 2 Gets Fortnite Style Live Event The Almighty Update Its Over

Update: Well, it’s over. Rasputin destroyed the Almighty, and after a extended wait as missiles arced through the sky and then finally slammed into the boat, the Almighty was torn apart, crashing in the mountains beyond the Tower. Some debris came near the previous City, however, the crisis was averted.

If you missed it, then you’re still able to see the wreckage of the Almighty at the space in the back of the Tower, opposite where Zavala stands. Debris remains falling from the skies and the boat is still burning, but it is not clear if there might be more going on with the Almighty–perhaps visiting the wreck site–in the future. View the embedded video to find out what happened if you couldn’t be there in-game.

Visit Zavala to unlocks a few new dialogue about what occurred. It is also possible to talk to Ana Bray on Mars to get another piece of story, even though her dialogue is in text form. Beside Zavala on the left is that the little bit of harm the Almighty managed to perform to the Tower, in the kind of a hole which has been ripped in a wall. Hop into it and you will be motivated to”Inspect the Crash Site.” Doing this will make you a commemorative emblem,”Seraph’s Wings,” for taking part in the Season of the Worthy and helping to destroy the Almighty.

Who knows if we will ever stop by the site, or what we may find there.

Original Story: Throughout Destiny 2’s present content season, players have been completing Seraph Tower events in a bid to power up Rasputin, a strong computer that once controlled the whole solar system’s defenses. Following months of preparation, the opportunity to shoot down the Almighty has come–it occurred around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET today, June 6.

The official tweet is thin on details, however; it does not say exactly what’s going to take place at the daily reset, or what players should expect.


That sounds like we are going to be visiting a live event takes location in Destiny 2 at its reset now. Destiny is usually more about cutscenes and assignments for events like this that do not ask that you log in at particular times–the thought that you need to be in the game at a particular time seems more like a few of the live events that Fortnite along with other live games are known for.

In the game, the Almighty could be seen at large in the skies of the Tower, blocking sunlight.

The boat actually first appeared at the Destiny two vanilla narrative effort –it was a part of the Red Legion’s invasion of the solar system. From the narrative campaign, players handicapped the Almighty, but it has been stuck in orbit around the sun ever since.

vanilla narrative campaign. They failed, as a result of the efforts of gamers, and as a last-ditch effort, the remaining Red Legion forces set the Almighty flying directly at the previous City

From a story perspective, that seems like it could have unforeseen consequences. Zavala, for one, does not trust that Rasputin gets the best interests of humanity at heart. And during the course of the season, we learned about some lousy things Rasputin got around over the years. Back in”The Lie,” it was revealed that Rasputin was in charge of ruining the Iron Lords, a story that was told back in Destiny . That suggests that Rasputin might be predictable and dependable than some might have hoped.

Although we understand Rasputin is going to deal with the Almighty now, we don’t yet know where the story is going after that. Bungie is likely a show livestream on June 9 ahead of the release of this new year, and that should tell us exactly what to expect both from Season 11 and the upcoming beginning of Destiny 2’s Year 4, that will kick off in the fall.

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