Destiny 2 Means To An End & Interference Quest Bug

Destiny 2 Means To An End and Interference Quest Bug

Destiny 2 Means To An End and Interference Quest Bug

They are a part of this Season of Arrivals primary narrative, and finishing one is a necessity for another. Some gamers are having difficulty with them Means to an End keeps showing up as available even after conclusion, and it is stopping some from beginning Interference. This guide is going to demonstrate the way you can manage Fantasy 2 Approaches to an End & Interference pursuit bug.

Quite a few players have reported using the Recaster blink on the map, and also the sport sending them to maintain a weekly pursuit, only to be greeted with nothing whenever they arrive. Some state waiting somewhat at the Tower aids others assert to restart the match was exactly what solved it to them. In any event, it is likely going to be remedied using a hotfix soon enough.


Can not start Interference after completing Means to An End

Many have complained, being not able to begin the Interference assignment from the map. A message informs them that they will need to complete Means to an End , even when they have already finished it. Most do not have any trouble finishing the assignment as part of their pursuit, but playing with it on its own later does not do the job. It is either something which may only be accomplished once weekly, or it is a glitch. In any event, patience is the only alternative — whether it is the former, we will know for sure in a week. When it’s the latter, then the programmers will likely fix it .

In the event you encounter a host error and become disconnected during Interference, then it may even wipe out your progress on the entire mission. It is more than just a little annoying, but there is nothing you can do about it, aside from preventing the match before next week — then, all of the kinks must be ironed out.

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